02 December 2009

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Joy and Wonderment

oops...i'm such a mess right now I messed up on the birthdate year...she was born THIS year on my birthday which seems like a year ago! Our girl is 7 months old. Once we have worked all the details out I will share more!

WOW! That is all we've been saying for the last hour. WOW!

Here she is! OUR DAUGHTER and SISTER!!

Yi Xiao Cheng

We know VERY little of our very little little girl. But this is what I can tell you....the red thread is amazing!

* She and I share birthdays. Yes she was born on my birthday last year...April 17, 2009! I remember EXACTLY what I was doing on that day! WOW! WOW!

* From what we can "translate" she was placed in foster care on May 20, 2009...our wedding anniversary. WOW! WOW! WOW!

That's ALL we've got! OMG!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW!

We will be getting more information on Friday. For now we will just stare at her picture and continue to fly in the clouds! Thank you all for your wonderful comments and love! THANK YOU!! for being patient for Mike to get home but we had to see her picture together as a family first. And yes, knowing that email was in my inbox for over an hour was excruciating! But after waiting 45 LONG months I thought I could wait a few more minutes. I have our first look on video and will post it when I can.




She is lovely and not doubt her beauty will only grow! especially in colour! LOL!
Where is she from?
Hugs Ruth in NZ been hanging out all day!

Kayce!!! Your red thread is amazing! You share birthdays! Wow, she is precious and I am soo excited for you! Can't wait to find out how old she is etc!! This is such an exciting time, the others leaving soon and seeing Jennifer for the first time today!! God is GOOD!!!

Congratulations! I'm so very happy for you! Your daughter is beautiful. :)

Oh Kayce, she's absolutely beautiful!!!!! I'm crying, the red thread is strong and there with her! Can't wait to hear more about her...

Congrats to the new mommy and daddy!


Look at all that hair! How sweet and what a blessing she is!!! And I agree, what red threads! Congratulations and enjoy this time of happiness!

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Wow indeed!!! She has the cutest little face. You guys are going to put a huge smile on that sweet face when she gets used to your lovin'.


I'm very curious about the characters of her name. Both of our girls are "Xiao" girls but share the less common meaning of that word (knowledge).

Mommy to Xiao Hai and Xiao Xian
Our Blog: Double Happiness!

OMG!!! What a sweetie!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys. I love that you share the same birthday - this referral was meant to be. Enjoy this special day.


-- kelly :-)

Congratulations a million times over!!!!! What a cutie!

We are so happy for you and your family!!!

Keep smilin!

OMW!!! She is darling! She has your birthdate! She is a Yi Xiao girl!!!! Is she from Jiangxi? This is fabulous news! Congratulations!!!

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Congratulations! She is beautiful!!!


Yeah!! I am so happy for you guys. Hannah keeps saying her Chinese name over and over. She is so sweet!! Iam so glad your wait is over, what control you had waiting for everyone to get home! I can't believe you have the same B-days, thats so cool. Enjoy your special day!!

All our love,
The Fridrich bunch

KAYCE KAYCE KAYCE!!!!! She is beautiful!!! I am sitting here bawling my eyes out! The red thread is amazing!!!! I am so happy for all of you!!! Is it okay if I am green with envy??? lol

Love you, Kristy

I am sitting here crying my eyes out for you..
I am soooo HAPPY FOR ALL 3 OF YOU..
Can't wait to see all 4 of you together..
A million times over..

Oh she is so tiny! Congratulations!!! so happy for you.

Darn! I'm so excited that I can't type straight! I've deleted TWO of my comments already!

What I meant to say is that your baby is a lovely girl and I got goosebumps over the red thread connections! You said she was born on your birthday "last year" but then you wrote April 17, 2009. So was she born THIS year? Or last year?

Either way, she's precious! She seems to have really thick hair (like my Gwenny).

Congratulations Mommy! Yes, you already were a mommy but now you have another baby! How totally amazing is that!!

Congratulations!!! I am SO SO happy for you! She is darling and so young!!! I'm dying to know where she is from! She has the Yiyang baby prefix name! :) Is she from Jiangxi? Can't wait to hear all about your little darling. It is amazing she was born on your birthday!! That red thread is strong!!!!

Congratulations. She is absolutely beautiful! I am loving the red threads. Cannot wait to see the video. I am so happy for you!

A big congratualtions!!!! She is just gorgeous!!! I cannot believe that she was born on your bday.....that is amazing:) I am doing the happy dance over here for you........Looking forward to the video:) Enjoy your night....and let the celebrating begin!!!



Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I am so happy for you! And sharing the same birthday' aaahhh!

Kayce and Mike,
We are so thrilled for you. You are such a wonderful woman of faith. You are truely blessed. We do remember where you were on your birthday. What a wonderful day to remember. Jenny is so sweet and we all are in love with her.
In Gods hands,
Aunt Louise

Gorgeous. Simply stunning. I'm so happy for you friend. So happy.

What a DOLL! So happy for you!!!

Now let's go get em', shall we?!?!


U R so deserving. I am thrilled for you.


I love your red thread connections to your beautiful girl! CONGRATS!

Oh she is such a sweetie! Many congratulations!!!!

Heart to Heart....the gift just keeps getting better and better...born on your birthday Kayce and her picture and paperwork flying to your home on Mike's birthday....just doesn't get better than that!


SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh Kayce. I am so excited for you. XOXOXOX

Beautiful! Simply beautiful!

I love the "red thread" of the dates - how cool is that? You're going to be flying pretty high for the next week or two - get used to the feeling and enjoy it!

Your L-O-N-G wait is o-v-e-r !!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!

OMG Kayce...I've been away from my computer all day...I'm so happy to hear the LONG awaited referrals finally arrived!!!

YOU SHARE A BIRTHDAY!!!! I love it! Congratulations! Enjoy every moment of this time in your life! Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!

YAY!!!! Congrats to you all!!!! I am so thrilled for you!

CongratsCongratsCONGRATS!!! Welcome sweet wee baby! xoxoxxoxo

I am so happy for you all {{{{hug}}}} Wow what a red thread!!! Amazing!!!!!!! It's so funny how the wait sucks big time....it kills!!! And then you get the referral and there is something in the referral (that red thread) that makes you say" ok I get it". : )
{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}} well does she have a name??????? I can't wait to hear more!!!

Ohhhhhh what a gorgeous little peanut... I am so happy for you all... and I can tell by the way you are writing that you do have your smile back :) Hugs to ya...

CONGRATULATIONS MOMMY!!!!!!!! So happy for you and thrilled that your baby girl is so young! This is truly a blessing from God! She is absolutely adorable! Looking forward to hearing more details as you learn more.

My sweet Hannah is another Xiao baby!

Love you friend! So very happy for you, Mike and your entire family!!

Oooo....off to move you to my 'preparing to travel' spot. Yay!!!

Just found your blog from RQ. Congratulations! Just wanted to write to say that my daughter (still waiting in China) and I share a birthday too! She was on the SN list. But as soon as I saw her file and her birth date, I knew she was ours. Such a special connection! Congrats on your long-awaited match!!!

Amazing news!! Congratulations!
The red threads are just incredible... sharing birthdays. WOW!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! How exciting, what a blessing in so many ways!!!! Yippee!!!!!!

What a great head of hair!

'Congrautlations' seems such a small word to convey how happy and excited I am for you all. But it's the only word I can think of this early in the morning :) So, congrats to you, Mike and big brother J on the arrival of your new addition. What a gift and blessing she will be.

Congrats! Your daughter is so beautiful. I am praying for speedy travel dates for you!
Many Blessings,

How about her? She is beautiful! What a sweetie! Birthdays will be even sweeter from now on!

Congratulations! I just found your blog from Catherine's Chatter. So glad your long wait is finally over!

Congratulations on your referral. Your daughter is beautiful!

Best wishes for a speedy TA!

Calamity4e from RQ site

Congratulations! The wait was well worth it wasn't it!?!? What an amazing red thread of dates. I am overjoyed for your family! Enjoy this magical time!

Congrats at last! So happy to see your beautiful daughter gracing your page :0)

Savor every moment.

Congrats! She is just beautiful. I love her thick hair.

Wow Wow Wow there she is. You must be screaming as you fall over the other side into the most incredibal time of your life. Sharing bithdays how cool you will have so much fun at that time of the year. Can't wait to hear more about her but for now enjoy every minute of getting to she your beautiful little girl.

Welcome to your family Jennifer

Congratulations on your referral!! When you are ready to get more information on her orphanage, as well as the newspaper finding ad that was published with her photo (months younger than her referral photo!), come visit us at www.Research-China.Org.

Have a speedy trip!!


How cool to share the same birthday!

I AM CRYING!!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU KAYCE (and family!!)... cannot wait to read the post above this one and watch that video!!!!!!

Congrats to you and your entire family. I'm sure you are thrilled the wait for referral is over. That is so awesome that she shares your birthday and that she was placed in foster care on your anniversary. The red thread is truly amazing.

Can't wait to read more and follow your journey to China!