04 March 2012

Sunday, March 04, 2012 - 7 comments

More girly than girly

Oh baby girl!

Today you got a wish come true!  And I had to come home right away to write it all down!

You've been asking for months now, (well actually since you could talk and ask for things), to get your ears pierced and today mommy and daddy finally said yes.  You were SO excited!  We walked through the mall and talked about it and each time we went into a store and didn't come out with pierced ears you got mad until we finally got to your favorite girly store. :)

When we got there, a sweet little girl was getting her ears pierced and she said you could watch just to be sure.  You waited so patiently as both the little girl AND her mommy got their ears pierced.  You kept asking when it was going to be your turn.  I kept asking you if you were sure and each time your reply got louder and louder....YES!!!!!! MOMMMMMYY!!!  I. WANT. MY. EARS. PIERCED!!!!!

SO we got in line.  We talked about what it would feel like...kinda like testing your blood sugar (which you've been wanting to do when mommy checks hers) was what I told you and you said, "oh!"  We talked about not touching the earrings and all the care we'd have to do.  Ok was always your answer.  Such a big girl!

As we waited we picked out what earrings you would wear for the next eight weeks and of course you went straight for the Hello Kitty ones but had a close eye on the pink flowers.  After a few minutes of thinking we both decided that the flowers were the right choice for your sweet little girl ears.  And Jasmine, the girl who pierced your ears, agreed they were the perfect fit for you.  So with chosen studs in hand we went to sit in the big chair and hold Clairey Bear.

You were SO, SO excited and I don't think you had a bigger smile on Christmas morning as you did right then.  A few people watched as you sat so bravely and got prepped for the big girly right of passage.   When the moment happened you just sat and smiled until mommy said, "I'm gonna cry!"  and of course you got a tiny bit concerned until I assured you they were tears of happiness.  And by the time your second ear was pierced not a tear was shed from your eyes.  I'm sitting here now with tears in my eyes.  You see, I waited for this moment for years and years and it was happening right in front of me.  With you in your pigtails and pink sweater with no shoes on you made a moment come true for me and for you too.

For a few minutes I was worried that we should have waited until you were a bit older and could really be sure of your choice, but then when I saw your face light up with your beautiful smile when you looked in the mirror for the first time, I knew we'd made the right choice.  You've been asking for this for so long now and I'd been dreaming of it and today it came true...girly, girl wishes come true.  For the rest of the day you kept looking in mirrors and smiling.  You'd look at my ears and say, "just like you mommy!" then give me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek.  Oh what a treasure you are!   I'm blessed to be YOUR mommy!

I love you my little sprout!



SHE DIDN'T CRY???!!! Amazing! Maybe we'll do it with Kai...she want's earings so bad. I'll let you know if we take the plunge.

I LOVE the last picture of my girl....xoxoxo,m

How sweet! She looks so pretty with her little pink ear rings. I am not looking forward to the day Chloe asks, that will be a challenging conversation.

So sweet! What a grown up little girl you have and she looks oh so adorable!

I don't wear earrings so so far Hannah hasn't mentioned this and I'm happy to wait.

What a sweetie your little Cricket is!

Oh what a beautiful post!

Aw, sweet girl! Those are the same earrings Alina got too. She got hers last June after begging for months for 'pretty ears like moms'. :) She has done very well with hers and they healed perfectly, and daddy bought her a pair of tiny diamonds for Christmas. They are darling!

She looks so sweet, what a lovely girl. :)