14 March 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - 3 comments

Building memories and friendship

This last weekend we welcomed friends to our house who I met through our blogs.  Kim and I have shared a friendship for the last four years and in those years we have shared tears, laughter and have grown closer together.  Our weekend together was nothing short of blessed!

We packed our weekend with as much fun and true Northern California sight seeing as we possibly could...our days were moving fast and by nightfall we were nothing short of exhausted but stayed up late into the night talking and sharing.   We were so busy in fact that this was the only shot of Miss J and her Auntie Kim...they spent many a minute reading and talking and having fun together.

We wandered along the beach on Friday morning and enjoyed a great lunch in Capitola Village then made our way up to the redwoods for a fabulous walk through the big trees.  There wasn't a soul there and we were really able to enjoy the afternoon in the shade of these 100+ year old trees...truly amazing!  Saturday morning we loaded up and headed up to San Francisco for a day filled with memories to last a lifetime!  It was the most fun we've had up in the city in a long time!  We did all the touristy things and had a fabulous time!   Little Miss J had her first cable car ride and enjoyed every second of it!

It was also fantastic having Big J come with us to the city!!  I love spending time with him with my friends and having him share his life.  Right now he's been having fun teaching me all about bulb photography and I've become obsessed!!  He's a great teacher and we are always out now taking pictures in the dark of the night...and rushing home to see what we captured.  This shot below just amazes me...shot from the top of the parking garage at 9pm, looking towards the Bay Bridge and Pier 39...Stunning!!  

On Sunday we spent the morning relaxing then headed out to share with Ron and Kim our little piece of heaven on earth...Big Sur.  We soaked in the last bit of sun before a storm arrived Monday.  We took in the beauty that God made.  We combed the beaches.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch and the beauty surrounding us.  We just enjoyed life.  Soon we had to leave behind the serenity of the ends of the earth and head home to a small birthday celebration for Kim and prepare for the week ahead of us all...and saying our farewells.

It's amazing to me how friendships made through the blogging world are so special!  Kim and I are like sisters and have always felt that way...this weekend just confirmed how wonderful our friendship is.  There will be many weekends of visits over the years to come for that I'm sure!   On top of the friendship we've developed over the years, a close relationship between Kim and our little sprout is deep and very special.  Little J is in love with her auntie Kim and was beyond sad to see her go.  Both of us cried and cried when they drove off Monday morning.

I am blessed for the relationship God has given me with this very special woman, she is truly a treasure!  So blessed!!


WOW! That bulb shot is GORGEOUS!!!! I would love to know how to use bulb! :D xoxo! Brooke

Precious moments shared by sweet friends! What a treasure the friendship you share is! I met Kim once and only wish we'd been able to get to know one another better. So happy for you and your family and the precious friendship your 2 families share.

Makes me miss you more though! Sadly it doesn't look like I'll be able to get the time off work this summer to visit CA. :o( We're preparing for a big project and they're not approving any vacation right now. I'm thankful for a week in August they already approved but since then they've put a hold on all our vacations. If it changes I'll be sure to let you know.

So sweet to see pics of J with her Auntie Kim! I remember fondly how treasured my friendship with M3's girls was while I waited for Hannah. So thankful Auntie Kim and J share the sweet little friendship that they do.

OMW... I am sitting here looking at these pictures and crying.. I miss you guys sooo much.. It is truly amazing how you can connect from blogs... I soooo am blessed by far.. .I love you and Miss J and Big J and Mike....You are an amazing family and I am sooo happy to have shared my bday weekend with you guys... I see many many many more to come... LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH.... and I am soo happy you introduced me to a wine I LOVE... Love you my friend.... soooo much...