22 February 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - 5 comments

Making long awaited moments happen

Hey there guys,

I don't even know where to start!  It's been a fabulously crazy few days!  Crazy for the fact that we jumped in our 20 year old Honda Accord and drove it all the way to Arizona.  Fabulous for the fact that we got to spend three fun filled days with looooong time friends....who we've never met.  Um yup...never met.  Well we have actually had a friendship for the last six or so years and have shared things that only we can understand, but we've never actually shook a hand or given a hug to one another until last Friday night.  Meeting up with these fellow YiYang families who are actually more like real family than anything, was a dream come.  Thank you Dan and Suz for opening your home to all of us and making the trip easy and perfect!  Thank you Terri and Ed for giving us shelter and making our every need perfect....we can't wait to come back or have you here soon!!  Ann and Steve...it was a blessing to meet you guys and we hope to see you making home near us oh so soon!  :)

Besides sharing some wonderful meals together we also shared hours of conversation about our daughters and all their little quirks and all the joy they bring to our lives.  We stayed up late into the night watching two year olds spin in circles, play dress up, read books, play store or just sit and watch a show on the television.  It was an amazing time for the four "YY sisters" who once shared meager quarters in an orphanage on the other side of the world.  These girls are treasures and someday it will be an amazing gift to have all the YY girls in one spot for celebration!

We had a grand time at Lucky Acres farm and got to watch three baby goats be birthed right there in front of us...pretty darn cool!   Besides that highlight there was more fun to be had checking out all the farm animals including the donkey who tried to take a nibble of Jenny's hand....poor thing was not too happy with that guy.  The farm was pure delight and nothing was left unturned including a few minutes with an hour old baby goat.  Jenny my sweet girl, you are such a gentle soul!  You gave that goat the most incredible attention and were telling her she was going to be okay and that she was alright....you melted my heart once again.

Our weekend went on to include getting to meet one of my most treasured friends Kim.  Although we'd never met before, we spent a few hours together talking as though we were catching up after not seeing each other for a few months.  We are now looking forward to an upcoming weekend together here at our house...the Arizona adventure just keeps on going!  Needless to say I am SO excited!!!

After a full day of visiting and picture taking of some pretty darn adorable girls in their Chinese dresses, I got to finally give a dear online friend a hug for the first time...Mardi, Dan and Lauren!  What a gift!  I have developed a friendship with Mardi over the last six years like one of old friends from camp and when she walked in the door we just picked up right where we'd left off.  It was wonderful!  I am so looking forward to our next visit to Arizona or a visit from her beautiful family here. Either way I know we will see each other many times in the years to come.

The weekend was just wonderful for us.  The hospitality was better than any five star resort.  The atmosphere was perfect.  The food fabulous!  And the squeals beyond heart warming!  Oh what a dream come true.  We were also able to throw in a little sight seeing and fell in love with the area...we'll see if we still love it when we head back this summer and it's 120 degrees!!  :)  Either way I'll take the moments like below when all of these girls are screaming through the house making precious moments come true for me.

Much love and dreams come true,


What an amazing trip with precious, sweet friends! I am so thankful that modern technology has allowed us the opportunity to meet people whom we share such a special bond with and the friendships grow and grow! What a treasured gift these friendships are for our girls!

Miss you friend!!! Glad you had such a great time and that your next trip is already in the works!

It was absolutely wonderful finally getting to spend time in person with you. I so loved just sitting on the back porch and talking. You, Mike, and Jennifer are such beautiful people. Little Jennifer is just a sweetheart! I only wish I could have spent more time with you...however, like you said, there will be many more times of getting together. I am thankful you made it home safely and hope you are able to get some rest from a very busy and energetic weekend!! :)

So happy for you honey! Looks like you guys had a BLAST!! I love all the pictures of your beautiful babies. Such a beautiful picture to show a beautiful story and journey. Thanks for sharing all the moments of your journey. Makes it seem possible. I need that right now. Hope to one day meet you too! Hugs,


It was so great to finally get to spend time with you guys. I'm so sorry our time together was so short.

I love and treasure the friendships that we have all been able to build over the years of waiting for, traveling to, and now raising these precious girls. It's a bond that is hard to explain.

what an amazing time you had and I am soooo blessed to be part of that time... those few hours were amazing and I can't wait for the weekend we spend together... I LOVE YOU TONS... Hugz... 12 more days.. .WHOOHOOO