07 February 2012

Tuesday, February 07, 2012 - 6 comments

Celebrating the year of the dragon!

We had the most fun filled day to celebrate the Year of the Dragon!  We headed up to the San Francisco Zoo for a day of all things zoo and to celebrate the Chinese New Year with our friends and our little sprout's best buddy, Zoey.  It was the perfect way to spend the holiday in the city!  

The dancing and costumes were fabulous and so colorful!  Little sprout, you were so mesmerized by the dancing on stage...you couldn't take your eyes off the stage for even a minute and loved all the songs!  I loved watching you and all the excitement of those around us watching in awe.  I took a few minutes while you watched with daddy to walk around and thought back to our time in China just two years before and all the festivities that were happening there for the New Year then.  I loved being a part of that colorful excitement again first hand.  

Soon we were moving on and making our way through the zoo...we saw lions, tigers and bears and we saw these two....Almost got the perfect heart!  They were busy building a nest of sorts or just nervous of all the folks around...either way they were beautiful.  The swan on the left was in the water and following the girls back and forth and then came ashore when we walked away.  I loved their feathers which reminded me of a beautiful gown worn by royalty.  

After wandering around the zoo together and watching our girls enjoy the most of each animal we came across, we found ourselves in the children's zoo and our sprout took off!  The first goat she found was hers and she wanted to take that guy home...well until another goat came along and started head butting her outta the way.  After a few minutes and a few tears, the love was found again and she went back to find the little guy who just wanted some love. 

Daddy was the one who made sure the head butting incident wasn't life altering which would effect our future trips to Gramm and Pop's farm, so he made sure some brushing and petting was accomplished on a nicer goat.  

And of course no trip to the zoo, let alone the farm part of the zoo can happen without a ride on a tractor!  :)  We had such a great time and it was the PERFECT way to spend the day and celebrate the Chinese New Year.  I've struggled with wanting to have grand parties or go to Chinatown for the big celebration but both tend to get overwhelming...this was perfect!  Thanks to our friends for the perfect suggestion for our daughters!  

We hope the year of the dragon brings much happiness, prosperity and good health to all our friends and family!    
Gung Hei Fat Choy


She is getting so big, and she's beautiful! Looks like a fun time!

HOW FUN.... love the photos..
Jennifer is growing up..
I am soooo excited to see you in a week and 2 days...

What a wonderful day! Love all the pictures. Cricket is so pretty!!

What a wonderful way to spend a day with Cricket and her little friend!

Love the photo of Cricket and the goat - he looks like he's smiling! So precious!

WE HAD SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!! Hugs and lots of love to you and thanks for coming to play in the desert!