04 February 2012

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Your Winter Ball 2012

Dearest J...

Friday February 3 you had a night to remember and I wanted to make sure you never forgot your first formal...

We started the afternoon off with a little lunch at our favorite, Panda then headed to your hang spot, Verve for a great cup of coffee and a mocha.  It was such a beautiful day and the sun was out.  You were looking forward to the night ahead!

With coffee in hand we headed to the flower shop to pick up the corsage before the junior high up the street let out and we got stuck in preteen mania.  The stars were aligned perfectly because we slid in and got right out just as the bell was ringing up the hill...you were so worried that if we got stuck we'd be there for ever.\!  

Once home you began your routine to get ready...snack, shower, a little T.V., another snack, some phone calls and texting, then hair and the tux...We sat in your room while you got ready...me snapping pictures, you talking about things and wondering how to do this or that with your tux.  

Funny thing for me was my emotions...I was so proud of you and in awe of your calm demeanor.  You were ready to have a great night and wanted to make sure you looked perfect.   I had to leave a few times and run to the bathroom and wipe away a tear or two several times.  You suddenly towered over me and I had to look up to you to answer your questions and almost had to stand on a chair to fix your tie.  You are all grown up!

I loved your comments all evening about your shoes..."I can see myself in these things!!"  "They make me look taller, don't you think mom?"  "These are so sick!"  Loved it!  :)

Time was nearing to meet your date at the restaurant...and the final touches were done...you looked so handsome!  You made both Mike and I so proud and we had such pride in sending you out for a night of fun and firsts.  We knew you'd open every door or offer your jacket in case Stephanie was cold...we had total trust that you'd be the perfect gentleman we've raised you to be.   While we waited you said you had butterflies so I tried to make you think of something else, so we talked about cameras and lighting and how we wished I didn't have to have my ISO so high and why I bought a camera with no flash!  Then finally the lobby doors opened and you smiled.  

While I wanted so badly to be a bit of lint on your lapel, I knew I had to leave the hotel and walk away without looking back...if I looked back I'm sure I would have pulled up a seat to join all of you.  You gave me the biggest hug and said, "thank you mom for taking pictures and staying with me.  I love you."  THANK YOU for letting me stick around and talk with your friends and take pictures of you guys and just be me.  

It sounds like the night was perfect...from dinner to the dance and then on to the beach for some fun and finally a midnight snack at the diner you all love to hang out at...it sounded like it was perfect in your eyes.   Just perfect.

I'm so happy that the night was just as you wanted and I know you are looking forward to the next time you get to have a night of feeling like a grown up and dancing the night away.  Keep doing what you're doing because I think you're pretty darn cool and perfect whether in a tux or in sweats.  

I love you more than all the stars in the universe!



.....that's my Grandson! I love and treasure you my Jacob! xoxoxo, G

What an extremely handsome young man you have. I'm so glad he had a perfect night. It sure sounds perfect.

What a handsome, awesome son you and Mike have raised!

J, you are an awesome example of what a great teen can be!! Congrats on your first formal! Glad you had such a great time!

What a special moment. What a handsome guy! Love how you are tenderly recording life. Keep it up.

Awhile back you posted on my blog-

Love your honesty and the love you have for what is important to you. You are a treasure to so many and soon you will be a treasure to what you dream and pray about...hold onto your dreams and share your love through your words for the child God has waiting for you. Many hugs to you my friend. Many hugs and lots of prayers.

thanks Kayce...that means soooo much to me. I cant tell you how much the support has meant to me. seeing the beautiful face of your little angel helps me know it is real. that it happens and God is real and powerful. I am thankful for you and your support. thanks so much.

LOVE the photos.. Looks like Big J had an amazing time..
they both look soooo good ...
have a great week..
you need to text me .. I am dying with excitement...
Love ya

The last time I visited your blog, you made me cry and you did it again! It's neat seeing the mom of boy's perspective since I only have girls.
Just celebrated my daughter's 18th birthday.