02 September 2011

Friday, September 02, 2011 - 11 comments

A Moment in Life {Ready to go!}

Yesterday as I was puttering around the house and gathering up our stuff for the upcoming weekend at Family Camp through our church and I heard a little, "mommy I ready to go!"....I turned around and saw this!  And thankfully my camera was literally right behind me...SCORE!  :)

 I've been telling her we have to wait three more days, then two more and finally today I can tell her we're going this afternoon!  She's so excited and keeps saying, "daddy and mommy and bubba and Sammi coming to family camp mommy??"  Yes sweetness we're all going together.  (Sammi is one of Big J's bestest friends and she will be volunteering there this weekend...they're both just as excited as the cricket.)  Love this picture of her....she just wants to go!!!  I'm so looking forward to spending the next few days in a place that Big J holds so dear in his heart and experiencing camp once again!
I almost feel like I'm 14 again going to summer camp!!  :)
Hope everyone has a fabulous Labor Day weekend!  
Ours is surely to be filled with all things fun and lots of great fellowship! 


Oh my word, she is SO cute!! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!

That photo is precious. I hope you all have a wonderful time!

Love it! Where'd you take her? ;0)

Love the photos :) Hope you all have a special weekend.

What a wonderful shot! So glad she's excited, sounds like it's going to be a great trip.

LOVE THIS! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Great Shots!!

That's adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my word... could she be any CUTER!?! ...that is so ADORABLE!

Good grief, I don't visit for awhile and look what happens ~ Cricket has blossomed into a toddler! She is too stink'in CUTE!

Have a fun and blessed time at family camp ...sounds like some great memories are in the making! God bless! <><


she is crazy cute. We are plugging along with our 30 day challenge. How are you doing? I have watched tv this weekend and said oh I would like that, but the challenge stopped me from impulse buying. Funny thing is, I can't remember what those things are today.....see I didn't really need them.

Oh my!!! She is the cutest!! Hope you had a great time at camp!