31 August 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 8 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Parts of summer we forgot to publish

As I was looking through pictures the other day I realized that there was so much I never posted from our summer break.  We did a lot this summer....almost too much!  BUT it was fun and that's all that matters!  Here's a few captures of our summer that didn't make their own post.  Several pictures were taken with my phone and or other folks....Enjoy!
We shared many moments of laughter with friends near and far.
We buried our feet in the sand a few times and ate seaweed like it was store bought!
We had life changing weeks where we learned that life isn't "all about me", it's about being a buddy.  
We visited my grandfather's Army platoons memorial.
We got all crazy at A.C. Gilberts
We ate sandwiches with our friends, the Salsa girls and Miss Hannah on the beach.
You can see more pictures of that fun day on each of their blogs.  :)
It was so much fun to see the changes in our cricket and sweet Hannah since last year....oh these girls are amazing!!
I'm pretty sure the highlight for our girl was this motorized ATV!
The cows at Grams and Pops were pretty cool but this four wheeled joyful toy was a huge hit!
We were hesitant to put her on it but finally caved and she knew exactly what to do and was off !
We spent an hour running through the water at a park in Medford Oregon.
It was pretty awesome and made me wish we had warm enough
weather here for something that cool in our neighborhood.  
And one of the biggest highlights in the middle of summer was definitely our girls first movie in the theaters.
Winnie the Pooh was a huge hit and she loved every minute of it...well except for the popcorn.
I'm still amazed that the summer is over, schools been happening for going on three weeks and we're gearing up for fall and all the beauty that comes with the season!  It's been a truly blessed summer with so much fun, laughter and love filled into each crack of the eight weeks!  I was worried we'd be bored this year....HA!  Not so much!  And the fun continues for us this long holiday weekend as we head to Family Camp through our church.  We are so excited to go and to experience the camp where Big J spends as much time as he can.  Can't wait for Friday!!!  Can't wait for the fellowship!!!  Can't wait for the time together!

What was your favorite part of your summer??

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So enjoyed seeing all your adventures this summer. you are a gifted photographer with the ability to catch the essence of a moment. Your baby girl is growing up! What a sweet smile!

What a fun summer! I can't believe it is almost over. Can't wait to see all the fun things you do this fall.

I love that ATV shot - she's my kinda girl!

Wow....you all really did have a fabulous summer. Love that you got a reunion in with Miss Hannah and the twinados. Very cool ATV.

Funny...today was Dahlia's first day back to school and I asked her what her fav thing about the summer was and she said the beach. Then she followed up with "but all we did all summer was rush, rush, rush". She's right. Gotta work on that.

Have a great week-end at the camp.

It looks like you had a fantastic summer!!! I can't believe summer is over. It went by entirely too fast. I say that every year but this year was the worst... too fast!

But fun... my favorite part was the beach with the kids and my parents. Always fun :)

And I already thought you'd been busy this summer! lol Have a lovely weekend.

Thanks Kayce! SO thankful for your thoughts and prayers....a must for every step of this journey. Seeing your family makes my heart happy...its possible, you know? thanks again.

You SURE did have a fun Summer!!!
Love all of your pics, but especially miss J on the ATV...precious!

Can't believe our Summer is over...we had kind of a crazy busy one ourselves. G and W started school today.