06 September 2011

Tuesday, September 06, 2011 - 8 comments

Craving the daily grind

I'm a huge coffee drinker.  I love coffee.  I crave it.  Yes I have a problem.  I also get about four hours of sleep a night (thank you miss cricket) and I'm definitely in the "need 8+ hours a night to function" group, so coffee and I are best friends all day.  With our no spending for 30 days challenge that we've embarked on, I'm left to my own devices on getting my daily supper yummy coffee shop bought latte to enjoy.  And I can tell you the first day of this challenge was difficult! to not just run and grab a hot cup somewhere!  I was stressed to the max and was FRIED by 2pm....oh and did I mention we were leaving for our weekend away and the house/dog sitter canceled at the last second??  Did I say stressed??  Where's my latte!!!!!
Several years ago my mom gave me this way cool little gadget that foams up milk in no time so that I too can make a latte in the comfort of my home.  I love this thing.  But I also love going to Surf City Coffee and buying a cup of coffee every day.   But alas I am going off the spending money wagon for 30 days and I'm going to make my own art work at home with my little doollywig and a saved to go cup or two and  cha-ching...there's $3.75 in my Christmas fund!
I think I might master the art of lattes in the next thirty days!


Awesome girl! I have to say, taking my kids to school this morning - brutal...the desire to stop through Starbucks about killed me. I was SO TEMPTED. You can do it!

(and that drink you made looks fab-o anyway! who needs expensive coffee drinks...) gulp. {me?}

what is the 30 days of nothing challenge?


wow, that latte of yours looks awesome! After 30 days you could probably open your own coffee shop! ;) I'm going to look into this challenge as well! Sounds interesting! It may help me save for the weehoo! ;)

Im right there with you! I love coffee and I have started only making it at home and taking it to work. No starbucks, no 7-11 coffee nada!!! I love coffee so this is hard but it is going to save us lots of money in the long run!!!!

Good job lady!!

YEA for you guys. We are trudging right along with you. I feel like we have survived the first week (almost)so it will all be downhill from here.

Sorry...my daughter was signed in and I didn't even notice. That was my comment above

Good for you! I'm right there with you on craving coffee. That's the first thing I think about when I wake in the morning too. If I don't have mine, you just don't want to be near me.

Looks like you're doing an awesome job so far. Look forward to reading more about the challenge in the coming weeks.

Where did your mom get that nifty little beater? Not that I can run out and buy on right now anyway..Hah ha! I am so with you I can't function with out my coffee. I prefer Starbucks, but I can function with a mug from home.

That for me has been the hardest thing is not stopping when dropping of the kids at school.