16 May 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011 - 8 comments

Strawberry Fields

It's that time of year and when you're looking for somewhere to appease your toddler, picking strawberries is the perfect antidote to a lazy Saturday!  The day started off slow and pajama clad until we grabbed the cameras and set out to watch wonder unfold in the eyes of our girl.
Our little sprout was in heaven!  She wandered up and down a few aisles peeking at the red berries that poked through the rows of green.   Taking care to not disturb the bee's that intermingled with us, we sat trying to capture this popular local past time.   
Even though the season is young, the smell of ripening berries was everywhere!  The last time we'd walked these steps was with a little boy who now towers above us and chose to welcome James Durbin home instead of walk down memory lane which was an experience like non other for him!  :)
Carrying her bounty back up the row our cricket realized she needed to have a quick snack.  
After the first one went down and while I turned around for just a minute she'd started on her second and would have kept at it if we hadn't stopped her so we could pay for the last of the bucket.
Picked a strawberry,
Picked a strawberry
That was growing
In the sun.
Then I washed it,
And I ate it,
And I picked another one. 
~ Anonymous
Plump, fairy like, freckled things
hanging low, ripened-picking brings
Juicy, red, hot mid-day's sun
filling baskets, delightful, and fun!
~ Jon Coe
We are very much looking forward to grabbing our buckets and baskets again soon and maybe adding some blackberries to our bounty.  Hopefully next time we'll be able to get some home to enjoy with some ice cream before they are eaten up!  


I love these photos. The wardrobe was a great choice and your choices for photos unsurpassed! Plus, she's a cutie!

This is one of my favorite photo shoots of all time. Absolutely wonderful!

Beautiful Kayce...love the one of her walking in between the rows, and the lines on each side!
You can tell she had a wonderful time!!! Strawberries are my favorite fruit. Unfortunately Will is allergic and gets hives.

Have a great week!


Sweet! Your baby, the photos and the memories.

Another month for us and we should be able to enjoy this bountiful treat too!

Adorable outfit on your strawberry lovin gal!

I'm hoping for some nice weather this coming weekend so we can do this. I think I ate almost all of them on the way home last year. The kids had to fight me for them! These pictures are lovely. Such a nice background too. Gorgeous! AND delicious!

Beautiful pictures! What a fun family outing. :)

You seem to have lots of fun!

So you are an AI watcher too? I was shocked that James was cut! Thought he'd make top 2 but I want Lauren to win!