18 May 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - 11 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Floral Inspiration

Oh how I adore spring flowers!  And my favorite flower??  Tulips.  
I love when my house is full of them and this week with all the rain we are having, this bouquet has been a treat!  
There is nothing that brings me more joy than to see them bloom throughout our community, 
I even find myself stopping my car in front of a house just to sit and admire them.   
We used to lovingly plant bulbs every fall and impatiently await them to bloom and for some reason I've not done it in years!  
Actually I think the last year we did they mysteriously vanished one night...(hopefully they were admired by someone who really needed them. :)
This bouquet has inspired me to make sure I plant a few next fall so that the joy of watching 
them bloom will brighten our yard next spring and of course put them on the inside of the fence!  
What flower inspires you?

Happy Wednesday!!  I hope the week so far has been a blessed one!  We are on the end of school year count down big time around here and have full, full schedules!  I can not wait for summer!!!!!!  And even though the tulips will have made their quick get away by summer's start, my roses are right behind them to give me more joy!  Make sure you enjoy your Wednesday and check out other black and white photos at Lisa's!


That is stunning in black and white! My favorites are irises; I received some for Mother's Day, and boy were they beautiful!

Just lovely. I really like the light coloured tulip amongst the dark.

So lovely! And yes, this school year is coming to an end..probably sooner for you than for us, but personally I can't wait for the break!

The black and white turned out really well! :)

I love tulips elegant, too, but I also love Gerber daisies.

Lovely black and white!!

I love the drama that the black and white brings....wow.

Truly lovely!!!

I haven't met a flower I don't love but peonies are my favorite!!


LOVE Tulips also, we have a few bulbs but I tend to forget to plant them in the fall then regret that I forgot again in the spring :)

Tulip and pansies are my favourite spring flowers! I knew we had lots in common! I wanna be Dutch and move to Holland!


beautiful colors! Love the doF

Oh...gorgeous! We share the tulip love.