14 May 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011 - 3 comments

Growing into two

Oh my baby girl how you are changing every minute of every day!  I have noticed lately that the last of your babyhood is quickly leaving you and you are rapidly turning into the toddler I've dreamed of for years.  You simply amaze me!  Tuesday we went in for your two year check up and the nurse had to measure your height twice because you've grown SO much in the last few months!  You're 34 inches tall and in the 50th percentile now!  SO big!!  You sat so cute when you got weighed and when the numbers stopped at 24 pounds I then understood why my arms are looking so toned!  Thanks my sweet!!  :)
The time has come in your world where everything is yours and you no longer stop when mommy says no, instead you test me to see just how far I'll let you go before the firmness in my voice halts your actions.  You explore more and more everyday but it gives me such relief  to see you turn around and check to make sure I'm watching.  Maybe you're checking to see if I'm gonna jump or maybe you're just making sure I'm witnessing your discovery.  To tell you the truth, I'm watching you because I can't stand missing any moments!  Being around strangers or someone who don't know well enough will put you into my arms in nothing flat.  You bury your head in my neck and slyly stare at the person out of the corner of your eye.  Seeing this behavior from you just melts me...the bond is thick and it is good!  Yes we have our days and right now you are wrapped tight around your daddy's finger, but I know you know I'm always there but you are still a little afraid I may disappear one day....I promise you I wont!
Some of the things you're up to these days just crack me up as well as your daddy and brother.  We love to listen to you say the dinner blessing or tell us all about your day in your garbled toddler talk...some words spoken so clear and others we just imagine what you could be saying.  Your vocabulary is soaring and you are speaking more and more sentences everyday.  You're up to five and sometimes six word sentences now!!!  You make the most delicious meals in your kitchen and your hot tea is the best in town!  Listening to you read a book whether it's upside down or not even open is priceless!  When we sit down to do our school work, you eagerly await to hear what we're going to do and you take such pleasure in coloring for hours with mommy....I love coloring with you and doing fun experiments together just to see you explode with joy!  And to see you jump on your bike-a and zoom around is quiet obviously your favorite thing in the world and our joy too!  
I adore how you challenge me now.  Whether it's in an eating duel where you will not touch what is in front of you unless it's miso soup or noodles or when you want me to take pictures but then refuse to smile for a single snap but run to see what picture I took....you smart cookie!! Your favorite thing to tell me is, "I do it mommy!!" and you mean you can do EVERYTHING yourself!  You make the challenges fun and lesson filled...thank you for testing the patience I learned during our wait to see your beautiful smile and for seeing if I'm still young enough to keep up with your love of adventure like mine.  I love being your mommy and love the minutes that fill our days together!  Even the tough minutes.

Keep challenging me and keep bringing sunshine and joy into my life, because of you and your smile I go to sleep filled with joyful exhaustion and wake up with an exuberance of wonder!  You amaze me each and every day and I am still in awe that I (little ole me!) gets to witness your growth in this world!  Love you my princess....Love mommy!


Love the first shot.

adorable post. A D O R A B L E ! !

love to you.


What a beautiful post and what gorgous photos.