08 April 2011

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Sixteen and then some

I am still in some serious shock that I have a sixteen year old.  Like shock!  I'm feeling like I could pat myself on the back and wipe away tears at the same time.  Pat myself because I've raised a child now for 16 years and wipe the tears because that child is no longer a baby!  Ahhhhhh.....anyway!

And that's my boy!  Number 11 reaching WAY above the net!
Yesterday was a fun and fabulous day!  After school the junior varsity volleyball team had a game against their biggest rivals.  The game was already coined as "going to be a KILLER game!" and everyone was ubber excited.  Of course since it was Big J's birthday the team wanted to take home this last match up against Mt. Madonna and call it a win for Big J.  Well it didn't quite go that way.  The game was heart stopping, blood pressure building and gray hair turning!  Right up until the last serve and the game went to the other team.  (Bad calls all night from the refs made for an even tougher loss to accept).  There's always next year!

The entire ride down the mountain held the anticipation of a birthday celebration and all of us were very much looking forward to a late dinner at Ihop...I almost felt like I was in high school again!  Big J's entire family gathered around him to ring in his sixteenth year together.  It's always a big crowd of all of Big J's biggest fans.

Big J says thank you for all the great birthday wishes!!

Doing my best to get in 30 posts in 30 days for the Spring Fling going on at Do They Have Salsa In China?
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Happy Birthday J...
And Kayce they grow up WAY to fast..
Love ya..