07 April 2011

Thursday, April 07, 2011 - 6 comments

Today you're sixteen!

Today you turn sixteen dear boy!  Happy Birthday!!!!  
I am never without words for your life because you simply are you in everything you do.  
You bring immense laughter to those who you let grace your life.  
You take the time to show someone smaller than you the way.  
You make a point to listen to your elders and show them you're interested in the words they speak to you.  
You aren't afraid to learn more and you are just beginning to realize you have so much more in the world to see, touch, say and explore!

Today you start the next phase in your life...the beginning of a new independence.  
It's an age filled with uncertainty and nothing familiar.  
You will come across challenges you will not know how to solve.  
You will be made to see things you thought were so foggy before.
You will have to dig deep into your faith to conquer what you desire. 
Only look ahead and don't look back unless that's where you want to be.

Know our dear son that you are never alone in your journeys....
You hold in your hand the book that guides you.
You hold in your heart your God who knows your path...let Him continue to light your way.
You hold in your arms the family who loves you and always will....through it all!

Happy Sixteenth Birthday Big J!  
Happy, Happy Birthday!

We LOVE you more than all the stars in the universe and all the sand in the sea!
Love....Mom, Mike and your cricket!


Aw, happy birthday to your handsome son!

My Darling Jacob....you always make me laugh and you always, always make me proud!

Happy Birthday My Fabulous 16-year-old Grandson!!! xoxoxo, Mames-on-Hames

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!!! I hope it is a fabulous one!!

Happy, happy birthday to your fine young man. =)

Awww, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Big J!!
Hope you had a PERFECT day!