31 January 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011 - 7 comments

His beautiful plan!

The day has dawned
January 31, 2010
She is in our arms.  She is grieving quite heavily but has longer and longer periods of calm.  She has the most beautiful sigh, the most beautiful.  She is SO tiny! Thank you for your prayers and wonderful comments, they have lifted us up so much!

Until tomorrow....

Much love and joy,
Mike Kayce, Jacob and now....Jennifer!

PS - check out the video over at big brother Jakes


This day was and always will be a day I will never, ever forget.  I've talked about our "family day" many a time here or here on the blog and with anyone who asks.   Although the fairy tale I had in my head for this day was nothing like the reality, I wouldn't change a thing, not even the 46 months of waiting.  And I must admit (but wont get into now), that once I unwrapped my baby I was shocked at what lay before me.  The reality was and still is that this beautiful child of God was placed in our arms on this day one year ago and it is one of my most treasured moments in my life.  God has greatly blessed our family in more ways than I ever thought possible.  He is great!  

The rest of our journey was about helping our daughter begin to heal, both physically and emotionally.  In the last year my momma bear anger has subsided a bit and I'm trying to move forward with the reality of her circumstances before she was placed in my arms.  I do and always will believe that  adoption is simply beautiful and life changing.  And the picture below is nothing short of a miracle.  

My dear sweet Jennifer,

You are the most amazing light in our lives!  One year ago today you came to us through God's hands and were forever placed in our hearts by Him.  That day one year ago must have been so scary and overwhelming for you...New sights and smells.  Kisses and hugs so tight.  New faces smiling at you or crying with you.  You had no idea what love was until that moment.  I had no idea that a love so powerful could change me the way you did.  

This last year has been amazing.  A year filled with all things new for you and a year filled with a newfound joy for your daddy and I!  I wouldn't change a single second, even the rough patches where we learned new things together.  You amaze us everyday with your constant growth and changes.  We laugh with you at the simplest of things and cry with you when everything hurts.  We will forever be your rock and will always be at your side wherever you go.

As we embark on the beginning of our second year together, I pray that your love continues to grow and your trust roots deep in your heart.  I look forward to all the adventures that await us and the fun that will be found wherever we go!  I can't wait to watch you flourish and continue to learn and absorb your world.  The world is yours my sweet girl and I'm always here to watch you take it all in!  Happy Family Day my princess!

I love you more that all the stars in the universe!
Love mommy.


Oh goodness, I can hardly see past my tears to leave this comment. What a video your son took!

Beautiful Kayce. Happy Family Day to you all!!!

Happy Family Day! Jennifer is a beautiful baby, love that picture of her now, so happy.

I have SO loved this look back. What a gift you are to each other :-)

Happy first anniversary. May you have many wonderful celebrations in the future.

I cried a year ago when I first saw your Family Day video and again tonight. It was a beautiful preparation to watch it before our Family Day on May 16, 2010. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us!! You inspire me to continue writing my daughter's journey on paper! Thank you thank you!!

oh my...time goes by super fast....happy family!

Visit my B&W: Tower Life Building entry as well! Have followed your blog, hope you can follow mine. Thanks!