31 January 2011

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1/31/10 - Planning for a party of four!

Deep Breath 
January 31, 2010
We are here in Nanchang, the capitol of our daughters province, Jiangxi.  We left Beijing with a full moon staring us down from above. Our hotel is absolutely beautiful and we just finished a wonderful lunch with some much needed coffee to help get us through the day ahead.

We will be walking across the street in just about 2 hours (3:20pm local China time) to meet our Jennifer.  All of the families with us are just filled with anticipation and pure joy!  We found out as we were walking into our hotel that today is a very auspicious day in the Chinese Lunar Calendar and the lobby was filled with wedding parties and the most beautiful brides.  Of course it's an auspicious day...it's Jennifer day.  An already planned day.

Thank you for your continued prayers and constant love!  Your comments have given us SO much strength....THANK YOU!!

Next post....will be a joyous one!

Much love and joy,
Mike and Kayce


Oh what a morning that was!!!  Up at 3am and out the door for the airport by 4!  Our group got held up when our bags were checked in because the scanner saw something in suitcase with all of the baby stuff.  We tried explaining for 10 minutes that no we did not have plans for the Birds Nest in the bag!  They were pulling everything out and kept repeating that something was in there!  Oye I was a mess!!  Finally our wonderful guide Elsie convinced them that we had nothing of worry!  Each time we went through the airports I was always so stressed out about all of my diabetic supplies and my pump.  Not once did we get questioned about that!  

Our ride to the hotel was pretty heavy for all of us.  Most of the ride we sat in silence staring out the windows at the poverty all around.  Comments were made here and there but it was a sobering ride.  Rain was falling and it was a bit warmer than Beijing but I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I didn't notice if it was snowing or boiling hot!  

Our hotel was beautiful yet stood out among the run down city around it.  I remember just being in a fog at that point and wanting to organize and get ready.  I also started complaining about everything!  There I said it!!  :)  After a while of that, Mike finally told me to get a grip and calm down!  A much needed verbal slap out of it!  :)  

The next few hours dragged by and I just went about preparing for a party...setting up bottles, making a diaper changing area, polishing my fairy tale, setting out clothes, and gearing myself for the moment to arrive.


The feeling of seeing that crib in the room was amazing! Love relieving your memories with you!

I love, love, love the crib picture!