17 October 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010 - 14 comments

Today our little cricket is 18 months old!

The start of life on the constant move.  
The beginning of understanding boundaries and interactions with others.  
The realization that the world is yours!

I love this age and all that comes with it and it only gets better and better from here on out, well at least until the teen years!  We've had so much going on these last few months and our little miss is growing like a weed!  It seems as though we no longer have a wee baby anymore but a toddler all of the sudden and oh is it sad to say goodbye to all things baby!   Our home scale says she now weighs 23 pounds but I'm not too sure of that because last time I did it was 3 pounds more than at the doctors...so we'll say somewhere between 20 and 23.  :)  She's 32 inches tall now from what my yard stick tells me but we'll get more definite measurements at her 18 month check up in a few weeks.  Hopefully she'll let the doctor come near her this time since at the last appointment she screamed and kicked the entire time that our poor pediatrician just said well she looks and sounds great!

With each new day our crickets vocabulary grows and grows!  She is now babbling non stop at home and is moving on from whining for something to using words or sign language.  She says: up, mommy, more (that's her favorite word), no, night-night, yup, daddy, and this.  We've also been working on "GO Giants" and she's almost got it down!  Maybe by the World Series (I'm hopeful!) she'll be saying it where others can understand.  :)  Besides being a chatterbox at home, she's also quite opinionated about lots of things!  She will not let me wash her blanket at all.  She is completely opposed to wearing anything animal print.  If we ask her if she wants to do something she'll either say no with a firm head shake or say more please in sign language...pretty cute stuff!
Recently she has started laughing at things she finds funny and it's a crack up!  She'll be sitting watching her favorite show, Sesame Street, and just start busting up!  She'll also play with the dogs and just sit and laugh up a storm with them.  At moments like that I stop what ever I'm doing and just sit and listen to that sweet sound.  :)  Laughter never gets old!

In the last update little miss hadn't begun walking yet....well that's changed!  She is walking non stop and at greater speeds every day!  It's been such a blessing to watch and has made worries I had be stomped away and the dragging of her leg is completely gone!  A few days ago she started crawling towards me on the floor then she stopped and looked down and you could just see her mind wondering what she was doing so she quickly jumped up and took off like a wild child!  Good stuff for the momma soul!

We are now completely gone of anything baby food like and eating everything that the big people in the house eat.  She's discovered brownies recently and thought those were pretty darn good along with eating applesauce, oatmeal and yogurt all on her own.   We've added a few things to the favorite list....oatmeal, string cheese, prunes and sausage, oh and brownies!  She's got almost all of her baby teeth in except for the eye teeth on the top and bottom and showed now signs of teething issues through all of those molars coming in.  I'll never forget when poor Big J teethed and I've been prepared for the same horrible issues this go round but the cricket has been a teething champ!
Once you go from babyhood to full force toddler comes the willingness to help and my girl is all helper all the time!  She helps move the wet laundry to the dryer and shuts the door and pushes the buttons to start the cycles.  She helps me mow the lawn and pull weeds (which is my favorite job of hers) now we'll have to see how long she's willing to do that!!  She helps me unload the dishwasher or help me make dinner.  She is always willing to help me with putting the groceries in the basket or on the conveyer  belt at check out.  She's a helper!  :)  As you can see in the shot below, we still do a lot of ergo time which I just love.  There are days when it's just something we both want and need and neither of us ever complains about those hours of closeness no matter what we're doing at the time.

Baby girl it's hard to believe you're a year and a half old now!  It seems like yesterday that you were just this little thing in my arms and now you're just wrapped around my legs and so full of life it makes me overflow with joy.  You are the sunshine in our lives and our constant entertainment which makes for never a dull moment around here!  I love how each day a new discovery is made in your world and you will mull that discovery around and around until you master it.  Your laughter at new things is contagious  and always makes me stop to capture a laugh myself.  I am so blessed to be your mommy and to experience all that God has planned for you.  SO blessed!  I love you my sweet girl! 
~ Love mommy


Look at Jennifer grow! You two are so delightful! Terri

Happy 18 months sweet Jennifer!! I just LOVE all the pics, especially the one of you mowing the lawn while carrying Jennifer on your back!! Girl Power! hehe! ;)

Happy 18 months little one! You are doing so well and you are so loved!

Ok, first: you have some great legs, woman!!! :-)

Second: Cricket looks so adorable in her rockin' polka dots.

yay! *clap clap clap* I love the pics! She is GORGEOUS!!!

She is so precious! You just have to smile when you see her little face.

I really can't believe how much she has changes in the past few months. A year and a half...WOW! Keep growing and blossoming, little Ms. J!

WOW>. can't believe how much she is growing..
love the photos..
SOunds like things are going well.
Love ya.

So precious! Love the updates and hearing all the Cricket is doing. She and Hannah seem to be on similar tracks. This post makes me want to get back to monthly updates which I let go back in the spring. Must change that!

she is just precious and your love for her shines through.


She is just tremendous!!! Happy 18!

Keep smilin!

Proof that it IS possible to strap a baby on your back and mow the grass! At least I have an answer for that single mom dilemma now. LOL!

Your girl is as precious as ever. Happy 18 months old to you both. :)

Your little girl is just darling!! ...and what is it with our cellphones that they find so fascinating anyway? Ours loved to play with our phones, too. =)