20 October 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - 16 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Learning curve

From my previous post here, I mentioned that I took the kids to the Boardwalk for a little photo practice for myself.  I had planned this outing in my head for weeks and was super excited when the day came and I was snapping away with my beauties in the view finder.  Later when I got home and downloaded everything I immediately noticed I reallllly need to:

A. Take classes, B. Take pictures everyday, C. Focus more on what I'm doing, D. Invest in another lens.

Regardless of being just a wee bit disappointed with my snaps, I did see many things that I really need to work on when capturing life with my camera and that made the entire experience so worth while for me.   I'd love some feedback and critiques if you're so willing!  :)
So here are a few that I loved in black and white and you can see a few in color here.

Happy Wednesday!  Congratulations to Lisa and family on finally having Reagan in their arms!  Hop on over and give them some lovin!


Beautiful shots!

I think these look great - just keep on practicing. It's a process and takes time to get good.

I like these. The second one is a very natural candid shot, and I'm loving the last one (perfect for B&W). The taking shots every day thing is so hard to do, at least for me anyway, but it really does make a difference.

I love those shots!

And, thank you for the kind comment on my post!

Practice makes perfect!! I think these are lovely!

thanks for stopping by my blog, come back anytime.

I like these shots.Fun filled.

These are excellent! I especially love the one of the carousel. All of that glorious detail looks scrumptious in black and white. Sometimes color is a distraction and you need to remove it before you can really see the intricate details.

Attending Lisa's photography workshop made a world of difference in my photography. As least I think so! I still need to work on being more creative. For example, I can barely bring myself to 'tilt' a photo. I do it very rarely and it almost kills me but I'm trying to explore new techniques. Creativity seems to come natural to you! I'm envious!

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I think these are beautiful!

For the best "class" I've ever had - I recommend going to M3B for Darcy's 31 Days to a Better Photo series - it's been very eye opening for me!

I took a photo class a long time ago and they talked about the rules of cropping people... Years since that class, I've thrown them all away. The expression of your young man makes that image. The last shot of the merry-go-round is stunning and the angle makes it so extraordinary and interesting. I find myself taking in the details far more than I would the straight on shot. Nice work.

They're all so great! Looked like a fun little trip :D

Kayce - I took Lisa's workshop too and it was an eye-opener for me. I also took some local classes to (try) and really learn more about my camera and the basics. And then practice as much as you can. (Really, I wish I could wave a wand and all the chores and housework would vanish so I could really dig into this - but we do what we can.)

You have a very good eye Kayce. You are creative and experimental. I just scrolled down to remind myself of some of your other shots and - really - take heart. You're doing very well. I love the shot(on this post) of the carousel (I'm nuts for them anyway). It's superb in bl&wh and the angle makes it so much more interesting.

Enjoy your week (and your camera!)

I really like these. You have a very creative eye and natural feeling which is something that gets you quite far. I have exactly the same thoughts but I try to practice as much as I can and look around for info and inspiration everywhere. Must learn my camera better though.

Erika B

Hi Kayce, thanks for stopping by. I like you B/W.

http://my3boybarians.com/ At the moment she is doing a 31 days of photography and it is great. You might enjoy learning loads on digital photography.


Your photography looks amazing. Give yourself the credit you deserve. I so wish I could take my camera out of its bag more often. That is one of my goals to try and take it out at least once a day.

Do you have any fix lenses? I have two lenses I love the most... a 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.8! They are the ones I use all the time.

When I first started playing around with my camera, I took a basic photography course that was held locally to learn how to get out of auto and into full manual mode. It really made such a huge difference in my photos. Lighting is another big area that changes the way a photo appears.

I think you're doing great. Keep up the good work!


I think they are all perfect, just like you!!! xoxoxo, Mommie

I really like the last one!
But I know what you mean, after I take my photos and look at them I say to myseldf I need to prcatice more and more, and get different lenses :)
I just took some classes so hopefully it will help as well