14 October 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010 - 8 comments

Colorful fun

After school on Wednesday I gathered up my brood, a few props which included snacks and my camera and we headed down to the Boardwalk for a little photo practice.   It was a good experience for me to get more confidant in public settings and even though the Boardwalk is closed for the season there were still plenty of people there to watch what we were doing.  So here are a few of my favorites!

Even though the park was closed Big J still managed to find his way on the roller coaster!  :)
 Love this cute one of my girl except that I cut off all her limbs!  Trying to photograph her is getting harder and harder but still fun!!
I REALLY needed a different lens for this series of shots I did but I do love the look of it!
This is by far one of my favorites and is being blown up and put in a huge frame in the house somewhere! 


What beautiful pics! I love how exciting your backgrounds are and yet in each of your pics it's the people your eye is drawn to! Great job!

What a fun photo shoot! Cute pictures!

GREAT shots! I am glad you are blowing up the one of Big J it is perfect.

Great shots.. I need you to teach me some things..
love ya. Miss ya..

There is something about little ones eyes! What a sweetie!

Awesome job! These look fantastic. I really need to get out and take more pictures too. Looks like you have some wonderful locations that you can go to for great backgrounds.

The boarwalk definitely looks like a great place to take pictures. Nice job!

Many memories at that place :-) LOVE your pictures! Great job! I miss home!!!! Sucks that it will be closed when I go back to visit! :-(