27 September 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010 - , 16 comments

Our first tea

My sweet girl and I shared our first tea together a few weeks back...
We enjoyed every drop of our pretend tea and tea sandwiches with quiet enthusiasm.  It was fun to watch my girl do exactly what you have to do with your cup and plate and pour the tea just right.  She loved to stir in the milk and sugar and wipe her mouth when she was all done.  I can not wait to do this again and again and again and again as the years go by in our lives together.  And most of all I can't wait to share a cup of tea with her in a small town in China someday when we return.
I bought this tea set four plus years ago in anticipation of this day...it was so worth every second!


I totally remember when you got that!! Lovvve her she is concentrating so hard...so cute!

How cute! We have the exact same tea set ;-)

I'm so happy for you that you are seeing so many of your dreams come true :)

How sweet! Love that the tea set is finally being put to use.

Tooooo cute.... Love the tea set..
Have a great week..
Love ya..

So sweet. Isn't crazy to pull things out of the closet that were bought so many years ago, blow the dust off them, and see them finally being put to use?! It brings the anguish of that insane wait right back to mind. Worth it? Yes, but man was that tough.

I have almost purchased that same set a few times! Now I will. It looks so cute!


Oh my goodness, how adorable is this?! Such a sweet, sweet moment. She must feel so special having tea with mommy. :)

This is too sweet! I love it!! :)

She is soooo adorable! Love her hairstyle!

Oh, what a memory that will make. Awesome pictures of a perfect moment - so long anticipated. I can so relate.

Love it!!!!

That last sentence you wrote...gosh I know that feeling! Your little girl has got to be the cutest little girl I have ever laid eyes on!

you are so blessed and she is so georgous

She Is Such A Darling
Me Heart :)

Oh my. How precious is that! Terri