24 September 2010

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Love how He works!

This story started well over a year ago and went something like this....

Once upon a time in China lived two beautiful little girls who spent their days together in an orphanage in a small village.  Then one day one of the little girls left the orphanage to go to her forever home with her mommy and daddy.   A few months later the other little girl also left the orphanage and went to her forever home with her new mommy, daddy and big brother.  Life was suddenly new for both of them.   
Many months passed and life became a blur of new experiences all with a new beautiful life filled with so much love and joy.  Then one of the beautiful little girls moved to a new home in a new town with her mommy and daddy and was so excited to live in a beautiful new place!
Then an amazing discovery was made!  The little girl and her family had moved to the same town as one of her orphanage sisters!   Such an amazing thing!  And SO very exciting!  
To have come from the same little tiny village in a far away land, then to be in their forever homes with their families is a miracle in itself, but now to be able to see each other again and build a beautiful friendship is such a gift!  The two beautiful girls have been having so much fun "reconnecting" and sharing their new lives together and plan to live happily ever after!  
Not quite the end.  :)

The last few weeks have been so much fun doing play dates with Zoey and her mommy and introducing then to some of our favorite play spots.  Our little cricket just loves watching Z run around and tries to do what she does and tries so hard to say Zoey.  The girls are a little over a month a part and are just a kick to watch play together.  Now capturing them both on film looking at the camera or standing still is another story!  All Miss J and I know is that we're pretty happy to have one of our YiYang families so close!  I love God's plans and how they unfold before us!


That is amazing! What a gift!

Awww. What a sweet post. I love the pictures you took! The girls look like they were actually sitting STILL! :) Having our little ones together is truly amazing!

I am SPEECHLESS. What a blessing. What an absolute blessing.

oh my gosh how adorable are they!!!!

That's amazing! So excited for you two and the the little girls too :)

I am crying.. BEAUTIFUL..
How amazing.
Love you both..
Have a great weekend..

I am so glad the Jennifer and Zoey can build a friendship! God is good.
terri in az

What a great story. And the best part is there's so much more to come.

I LOVE the story (: There is nothing better in the world than Sweet YiYang Friendships(and all the honorary friends too!)So glad that J and Z can share a relationship more special I think than any of us realize!!! Love those sweet faces!!

It really is amazing to have the girls living so closely together. It's so great...just like Caroline and Gwen. Although Kailahni and Lauren are not from the same province (close, but not the same) it's sometimes mind blowing to see them together playing and taking life in stride.

I met a woman at an aquarium here in AZ a few weeks ago who has a daughter from Jiangxi. She's four and is as sweet as can be. She has a haircut very similar to your precious J. As it turns out they live 1 street south of us. I jog past their house all time and never knew they were there. We are going to set up play dates at the park soon. So amazing!

How interesting. Hope you enjoy your time together. Thinking of you...


I am crying over here. He is amazing.

Have a blessed week. xxx

I saw that you got together from Steph's facebook post! It is just SO awesome to see all our dreams slowly coming to fruition. God is just amazing! I'm glad your girls were able to get together!!!

What wonderful news! They are adorable together - do they remember each other?

What A MAGICAL Piece
Lovely Verses & Pictures
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