29 September 2010

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Black and White Wednesday - Service work is soul giving

This last weekend our Big J did something that I've always dreamed of doing and I have to say I was a bit jealous...he spent the weekend at his summer camp when it really wasn't "camp time".  He didn't go there to be a camper or participate in anything that was camp fun filled like I'd dreamed of doing when I was a kid.   Dreams of running wild through the cabins or making a mess in the kitchen or spending the entire day in the pool, no one to answer to, no schedule...those were my dreams though, not his.
Processed with Chasing Dreams Photography "Peace B/W" texture
His dreams have turned into something more simple.  His dreams have surpassed mine and turned into something much more.  His dreams have become my admiration.  He didn't go to camp to play but to work.   To do service work.  He chose to spend a weekend doing dishes.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner for over 100.  As a girl his age, I would never have done anything that didn't involve a penny put in my pocket immediately or a weekend that wasn't filled with a good time.

This weekend was his choosing.  His desire.   His dream.   And I was a wee bit more proud than jealous at that point.

I fretted all weekend long that he would hate it or be bored and never want to do it again or worse, come home and complain about every second he was away from "teen reality".  My worry was a complete waste of my time.  He loved it and is counting the days until the next weekend he can serve.  He loved it so much that he wants to do more than just the four weekends it would take to pay for his camp costs for next summer.  He just wants to volunteer his weekends to serve.   While it's not the job he should have to pay for car insurance, gas and all the other sundries a teenager needs, it is the job that builds character and gives him grace.  The real job will come soon and he will be a better person for it but for now this is his dream.

Just because he can.
Just because he sees the need.
Just because it feels good.
Just because it's the right thing to do.

Volunteering became a passion for me when I quit the corporate lifestyle.  I suddenly had time available to give back and boy did I ever give back.  I volunteered so much I became burnt out and it became a burden to my family and since I stopped I've become very lax about getting back into the trenches.  New mommyhood hasn't helped but it shouldn't be my excuse anymore.  Last weekend I was handed a sparkler to reignite my old passion....that spark was seeing the joy in my sons soul.  The sense of accomplishment from doing hard work with a very small reward in the end but a bigger reward inside yourself.   Grace and pride.

What kinds of volunteer work do or did you participate in?  Or have you ever been graced by someone who has volunteered their time for you?

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Oh, it's so wonderful to read this... especially that it's about a teenage boy willing to volunteer. You've raised one fine boy. :)

You definitely raised one awesome boy! That's so cool. Great pic!

Beautiful post! I love that soft portrait of him. Great capture.

Erika B

what a wonderful son you have raised, and what a strong amazing man he will be one day!!

When I was J's age I volunteered with cancer patients... reading to them while they received chemo or doing tasks that they could not do. It truly shaped who I am today... and I can say that not one minute serving is ever wasted. God will open the windows of Heaven and there shall not be room enough to receive the blessing.

You must be the best mom ever-- what a wonderful job you have done!!! God needs strong sons to lead, and your boy is definitely a leader!!

a beautiful thoughtful capture

What a wonderful young man you have. You are truly blessed.

Just because he can.
Just because he sees the need.
Just because it feels good.
Just because it's the right thing to do.

I LOVE this and it is a good reminder for me.

Beautiful post my dear friend.


Beautiful photo and beautiful story.

Love it..
KyLee LOVES volunteering..she is in a club at school at that is what they do..
SHe is the president..
Volunteering is from the heart you can't explain it any other way..
Love you
Love the J's..
Hugz.. have a great day..

You should feel so proud!! You have a great boy there and it's attributed to the wonderful parenting he has received over the years! I've learned that volunteering is as much for your as it is for the people you're serving. Whatever you give, you receive back in ten folds!

What an inspiring post. And what a proud mama you must be. You did a great job Mom!!!

Wonderful post you should be very proud of your giving son.

How wonderful of him! Great B&W too!

beautiful post!
And what a great young man!!

What a wonderful young man you are raising. And a beautiful, strong black and white of him.

I have volunteered in various ways over the years. Someday my dream is to go to China and volunteer(I would like to bring Grace with me), in an orphanage.

such an outstanding young man...
love this shot..

Beautiful M I N D
Travel AFAR With Blessings
N I C E Work
Me Heart :)

What a sweet kid! We enjoy volunteering in many areas. We sign up to clean our church building, we have a team for a local Diabetes walk, and my kiddos walk for cancer every year. There are so many rewarding ways to give back and teach the next generation what living a full life is all about! Thanks for sharing your son's story!

Wow! What a great photo & a great post!

Kudos to YOU... what a wonderful son you are raising!

You have a son with a wonderful spirit. You must be so proud to see what a terrific young man you have raised.

Oh Kayce.... you must be so proud of your boy. He sounds like a chip off the old block:) So handsome too!