22 September 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 - , 37 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Through his eyes

This last Saturday we ventured up to San Francisco to celebrate the Mid Autumn Moon Festival with a few thousand other folks.  The day was something that we've looked forward to for many years as this was the first time we've celebrated with our little cricket.  Once we were out on the streets of the city, I handed the camera to Big J and said have at it!  He eagerly took the camera and was gone in a flash.  He is itching to get a DSL of his own and anytime I relinquish mine he is so happy.  Once home I eagerly uploaded his booty to see what he captured and I wasn't disappointed at all!

Oh man I can't wait until he starts his photography class!!!!  I loved looking through them and seeing what the world looks like to him through a lens.  I also loved trying to keep my eye on him in the crowded streets of Chinatown as he was all over the place and had no issues putting himself in the right spot for the picture he wanted.  I can learn something from him I think!!  It was hard for us to choose which pictures to process and put up (he took about 200 pictures).  We processed the majority of pictures using the Nelly Nero Actions.  

Happy Wednesday!!  Hop on over to Lisa's blog for some more black and white enjoyment and to give a big hurray to her family for getting their consulate appointment!!


you captured SF wonderfully :)

I love love love THESE!!! He'll do GREAT in his photography class. He captured things that sometimes we ignore. I wish I could be like him too and don't be shy to snap pictures wherever I want =)

Wow. Hats off to Jacob: they are fantastic photos. Very impressive indeed.

Beautiful photos all of them. Your son is very talented. I'm sure he'll love photography class.

Erika B

Great pics Big J!! You have a real talent there!

Really, really, REALLY COOL pictures!


LOVE these! Jacob was rockin' that camera! He really has some talent!

I'm always amazed by the shots my children capture. They are so much less inhibited! Great post :)

Totally Fantastic!!!

Great job J..
Love it..
Have a great week..

Those photos are something he can be very proud of. they are wonderful.

OH my gosh. What amazing photos. Well done!

And thank you very much for your comment.

Good job Jacob! I really love the one of the back of the lady's head in the crowd. Very nice!

Wow! It´s a whole bunch of perfect pictures!
I love them! Good work!

I think he definitely has a future with a camera. Such interesting captures!

Wow, these are great! He definitely has a future!

Each and everyone of these are stunning!! Love the different views he caputured!! And the selective color one is perfect ;)

I have to say he got some pretty great shots!!!

WOW!!! He has an incredible eye (and this is without any classes?! )/. Mom...you need to get him a DSLR soon! You have a professional photographer in the making!

Great pics! I'm with Steph...the back of lady's head is my favorite and the Bombay bottle is my second favorite (for reasons that have nothing to do with photography..haha)!

I think Jacob has a bright future in photography!

Wow. These are awesome! Love them.

He's got quite an eye! These are AMAZINGLY good! Wow!

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Gorgeous! I love all the textures!

STARTS photography class???? He is great...I wish I had part of his talent

Wow. He did great!

Jacob has got an INCREDIBLE eye!!! wow. I think he should teach a photography class. He's great with perspective and composition. He's a natural. :)

Wow, fantastic shots!!!! He's got an eye, that's for sure!

Wow, these are really awesome shots!!! He did more than great! :)

Beautiful job! Wow! These are great pictures!

great shots - enjoyed china town through these photos -
enjoyed reading your older posts too!! Thanks for your kind words

These shots are great. Love the texture and the different perspectives!

wow, awesome job big J!!!

He ROCKS! Seriously!

What a great eye your boy has! Amazing.

WOW!!! and I mean WOW!! He rocks the camera:) HE has a great eye.....can't wait to see what he does with his photography class!

Looks like you had a great trip.... love the shot of you and your hubby with little J walking away.....so super sweet~



Wow - your son definitely has a good eye!