04 August 2010

Wednesday, August 04, 2010 - 20 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Say Ahhhhh!

After being gone for over a week we are all home safe and sound and together!  It's been a crazy week and the catch up is overwhelming but all good, I'm just thankful to have my hubby and Big J around again!  I've got so much to share and many, many great pictures to play with and post.  But for now I leave you with this little bit of joy and beauty.

As always you should check out more black and white photos at Lisa's blog!  
Happy Wednesday!


And a picture is worth a thousand words......incredible cuteness abounds!

Happy Wednesday, Kayce!

She is soooo cute and the photo is absolutely stunning.

Erika B

Oh my goodness ~ how sweet is that little face!


Well if that doesn't make me smile - I don't know what could! Wonderful capture!!

Toooo CUTE..
Have a great day..
Love ya
Miss ya

Priceless! She is adorable.

What a perfect shot. Adorable!!

So sweet!! Great image.

Oh I love this photo!

Such a sweetie!

Oh my goodness, how cute is SHE??!! So sweet!

Glad your home and had a good trip. love the pic she looks like a little bird waiting for a treat.

I got my camera back it only cost a hun to get it fixed but it will be woth it I do love it. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

What a joyful expression. Beautiful image.

Oh my gosh! The poster child for joy and beauty! What a delight she is!

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Great shot! :) A precious moment frozen in time!

Happy happy baby! She looks like she is totally loving life!!

What a great picture!!! You can't help but smile when you look at that sweet face!

This is just so freakin' cute!!! I would guess little Miss Jennifer does not EVER take a bad pic???

What a gorgeous pic of your little Cricket!!