26 July 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010 - 12 comments

Happy Birthday Mom!

To say my world is beautiful is because of you and all that you do to fill it with joy.  You are not only the woman who brought me into this world but you are also someone who is by my side today helping me get through the paths God has put me on.    You encourage me to live simply.  You amaze me with your beauty. You share your passion for life with me.  You inspire me.

With every year I age I greet it with the same enthusiasm that you have always shown me when it comes to getting older.  I embrace aging because of you and look forward to every passing year so that I may be at least half of what you are to me.  Beautiful.  Happy Sixtieth Birthday mom!  You are more of a treasure to me than you may ever know....I love you!


such beautiful sweet words. I hope your mom has a wonderful birthday

Hi Kayce,

Such a lovely tribute to your sweet Momma! I bet she is everything you describe knowing how beautiful her daughter is inside and out!

Hope you had a fantastic 20th HS reunion. The yrs. just keep on flying by and it is fun to reconnect.

Your mom's birthday is the day before mine!


This is sweet. Happy Birthday to your mom!

I always wondered why you are so lovely. Now I know.

Beautiful post Kayce. Your mom should be very proud.


Thanks for commenting on my blog :)
Lovely post. Happy Birthday to your mom!

wow. wow wow wow. i am covered and goosebumps and teary eyed. what an amazing person she is-just based on this short, beautiful, tribute.

happy birthday to your mom. LOVE the photo. such a warm and beautiful smile!

I have to say, that is a very nice picture of your mom. You really captured the beauty and sweetness you spoke of :)

Good Afternoon from Atlanta, GA

I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and enjoy it very much. You're a great writer! But today's post just, as they say, blew me away! As a mother of two wonderful grown daughters and granma to 10 children it made me cry tears of joy! What a fantastic daughter you are.
I put my picture in your follow me list. I'm the one in red with dark hair.
Your girl is ADORABLE!!! She just makes you want to reach thru the computer and kiss those cheeks! I'm very blessed in that regard as our younger daughter Carrie, gave birth to our 10th, her 6th, baby on July 4, 2010. Miss Ruby is her name.
I hope you won't mind me being a part of your life!
God Bless you and your family!

Lila Huggins

Happy Birthday Kayce's mom!! Beautiful post as usual Kayce... :)

This post just took my breath away. What an amazing tribute to your beautiful mother. How fortunate you are to have such an incredible role model in your one and only mom!

You brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful daughter you are!

Happy Birthday to your lovely mother!


What a beautiful tribute to your amazing mom! She must be wonderful as you are truly a genuine, kind friend and a reflection of God's love.