15 July 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010 - 14 comments


We are finalllllly getting some sun in our parts of the world and let me tell you the rejoicing can be heard for miles since we really haven't had much sun since July 2!  Our summers here are very foggy, typical coastal drippy fog and when that fog stays out of the bay my mood goes from quite grey to pretty much the colors of the rainbow.  Being a Southern California girl I love the hot sun and I have still not gotten used to the Northern California beach weather and let me tell you I neeeeed my sun!

So the other day we had our first real break of blue sky appear and we (the cricket and I) immediately headed out to find a pool to lounge in.  We grabbed a few new polka dot bikini's and a suitable pool and got home in time to see the sun gone and the fog dripping it's way back inland....plans foiled!  Until yesterday!!!  We woke up to beautiful rays of glorious yellow and a crystal blue skyline!

During the crickets nap I set up our picnic lunch under the umbrella and filled the pool with a few inches of water and patiently waited for the little chirps to sound from the monitor.  When my future poolside princess awoke I showed her our table from the window in her room and that was it!  We were all excited and ready to enjoy the rest of the day sitting and absorbing the afternoon away and I even got a latte in!!

Poolside picnic!
Love those elbow dimples!
Finally getting in to splash and play!
Say "splish splash!"

Showing mommy what a good bubble blower she is!


Fun Fun Fun! Glad you finally got to enjoy the sun.

Love that little polka dot suit..
Looks like a perfect day..
Love ya

I've had so much catching up on your blog...looks like you guys are having an awesome summer.

Jennifer looks too sweet for words in her bathing suit and pigtails. I love her new haircut.

Enjoy your sunshine!

I'll swap our horrendous heat wave for you fog and grey skies!

Love your photos - cricket is adorable. And yes, her dimpled elbows are the cutest thing ever!

Adorable pics!! She is SO cute in her polka-dot suit and piggie tails!! ;) Glad the sun is shining and putting a smile on your face!


I'll scoop up some of our 103 heat and send it to you!! :) What fun you two are having! I love her little red swim suit! So so cute!

I just love all your fun blog posts!! Jennifer must wake up each morning and say, so what fun thing are we doing today!! :) It's awesome... Jennifer is so adorable in her little red swimsuit! :)

She is just adorable! Cute pictures!

PRECIOUS pictures! Your "Cricket" is SO cute!

Oh the cuteness!!!!!

Ahhhh! The elbow dimples is right...I'm in love!

my god i fall in love with her over and over again, with every shot. what FUN. and those pigtails? sheeeesh. does it get that cute? apparently it does!

Looks like you are having a fun summer despite the fog! ;) What a little cutie pie and so darn adorable in that polka dot suit!

Oh the sweetness! Love that frilly butt in the polka dots.

Pool time is the best! Ours isn't quite big enough for mommy to get in with her but maybe we'll step it up next year and buy one bigger than 3'? :o)