19 July 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010 - 8 comments

Keeping the wheels moving

Big J has been at camp for a week and is now headed into his second week there and while I'm sure he's have a blast and we miss him very much!  All of us are extremely excited to hear all about his two weeks with the discipleship & service program.  During these two weeks he will get to grow through guided teambuilding, fire circle conversations, service projects, working with the younger campers, and getting a glimpse of what camp is like from the perspective the summer staff.  Such an amazing experience and hopefully one that will lead to future summer jobs at his favorite place to go to during the summer.

So while her big brother is gone we've been keeping the little cricket busy with much fun!  Of course you all know we've been spending LOTS of time in our pool which we now like to pretend is olympic size and our time in it is filled with good times, even when it's empty!  Besides working on our back stroke we pulled out a bucket full of sidewalk chalk which has been patiently waiting to be played with for 5 years!

The best part of playing with chalk is enjoying our works of art 
for days to come and getting good and dirty!  

We also started a little construction project in the back yard and of course daddy had to get his cricket in on the demolition and rebuilding...can you see that little bit of pink in the tractor??

Well she throughly enjoyed helping daddy move dirt and pick things up and
drop them because when the tractor stopped she kissed it.  :) 
 I think we need to find a pink hard hat!

With all the great weather we've been having we got ourselves to the beach to enjoy a bonfire and some s'mores the other night.  There's something about watching the sun sink into the ocean that cleanses you and prepares you for a new day.  Ahhhh!  

This week is packed full of good things to keep us busy and not thinking about the fact that we are missing our brother and son.  With our trip to Southern California coming up I'm a hot mess of getting packed and ready to venture out on my own with just the kids.  WooooHoooooo!  Let the good times roll!


Oh I just LOVE the tiny bit of pink in the tractor. Adorable!!

Looks like you're having a blast this Summer!!! Beautiful pics. I never tire of seeing her pretty little face. :)

How do you stand not eating her up???

LOVE the photos..
Love that cuteness..

Heading out again?! Fabulous!


ps. thank you, not on it's way! LOVE my clips! Thank you, so much!

Oh My Goodness!! She keeps getting cuter by the day!!!

Sounds like you are all having a wonderful summer. I bet J is having a great time, but missing his Cricket!

I can't wait to see the finished project in the backyard. The little sparkle of pink in the tractor is too cute!!

We'll most definitely have to have a 15/16 month post. Too much going on this summer. :o)

Enjoy your trip!

What a cool summer you are having. Campfires on the beach are the BEST!!!! Enjoy southern California...you'll have sunshine and good times down there for sure.

Heh! Can just imagine your little cutie with a pink hard hat. So sweet!

Love seeing the sun on your beach. Can't get over how calm the water is. Is that the same beach we were at? No wonder you were all oooing and ahhhing over the waves!

Miss you friend!!