14 May 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010 - 8 comments

Another conversation about driving

Big J - Look at that guy!  He has no idea how to drive!!

Me - What do you mean??  Looked to me like he did the right thing.

Big J - No, he stayed at the stop sign too long.

Me - WHAT??  He had to wait his turn.  What do you think you do at a four way stop??

Big J - You count to three then go no matter who's there.


Big J - Yea it is mom!

Me - Guess what!?

Big J - What?

Me - I hope you like public transportation.


So after this conversation I thought maybe we should give driving a try and see exactly what Big J knows about sitting in the drivers seat.  I took him to an empty street were there are no houses, buildings and has a great turn around.  He was SO excited!!  "Realllllly mom!! COOOOOOOL"  was all he kept saying.

Well he hasn't been paying ANY attention to me driving him around for the last 15 years!  Once I got him in the drivers seat, I asked him to buckle up, check his mirrors and then turn the key.  He froze.  After thawing him out and getting the car started I asked him to put his foot on the break and release the parking break and then turn on his left turn signal...he asked, "where is that button?"   Once I showed him were the turn signals are located and that they are not buttons, he said, "that isn't the turn signal thing mom!"

And then I told him to turn the car off and get out.
I think I'm gonna leave this one up to the dads.


you are just like me.. I left it up to John and now KyLee is going to have to learn with me.. well I might be white headed by the time I am done.. Nick and Colton have done really well.. I am still scared but I try and bite my tongue..
Love ya..


Mother's Day looked like pure joy!


Oh, my! I'm sure he'll get the hang of it eventually.

oh my gawwwwwwwwwwwwwd, my turn is coming REAL SOON with my daughter....God please help me........

Bahaha! What a riot! Oh what the next few years will bring......pour the wine, pass the Zanax, buy some blind folds and ear folds, and try to remember to breathe! Ha...kidding, but it's all tempting, isn't it?!

That is hillarious and you are such a clever mom!! We are going through the power struggles here. It just gets worse once they get it. lol

NOw I am off to catch up on more posts from you all!!!

I cannot tell you how grateful we are that our state recently raised the driving age even higher. Looks like y'all are gonna get there soon though. Ack!