26 May 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 - , 15 comments

Black & White Wednesday - Only time to play

There is so much going on right now and lately it seems like the only place we can find peace and quiet is in a park somewhere in town where there are no distractions or decisions to make, except one....which part of the park to discover next!

On this day, our cricket discovered the crawl through of the jungle gym part of the park...all she wanted to do was see what was underneath her.  I loved the way this picture turned out in black and white!  Inside the space the light is very orange as you can see in the color shot below which was the next shot,  but in black and white the stripes on her dress pop and the beautiful porcelain color of her face is brought to life.

And I just had to put this shot below in this post...The cricket was so dang proud of herself on her favorite park toy...the rocking dog.  She was rocking it like she'd been doing it forever and was just busting me up!

Check out some fabulous black and white pictures at the link below!  Happy Wednesday!!


Great photos! Your daughter is so cute!

It doesn't get any cuter that that. She's really adorable!

How adorable.

aww hes soo cute!! Love his hat
Pls do visit me

I love the look on her face in that last shot!

I just love that little face..

I love her little expressions! What a doll.

Oh my, she is so sweet. I love the B&W shot. The color doesn't distract from her precious face.
thanks for visiting my post and commenting today.
PS that last photo made me laugh.

I love her little scrunched up face. Too cute!

Beautiful crinkled up joyous face!!!

so sweet!! What a face on that last pic!! ha

She is so darn cute!! She does really look like she is rockin that dog:) ADORABLE!!!

Hope you enjoy your long weekend~


Pure cuteness!! Is the hat a purchase from China?? It's perfect for summertime fun!

You're not only getting good with that camera and photo editing...you're getting the jargon down too!
The "proud as can be" pic had me grinning ear-to-ear!