23 May 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010 - , 11 comments

Celebration of our graduate!

Our sweet Holly graduated from high school today and what a wonderful day it was to see her walk across that stage with her beautiful smile to receive her diploma!  We drove to Sacramento early this morning to be a part of her great accomplishment.  The building was so beautiful and across from the State Capitol on an amazingly beautiful day....

excuse the horrible pics...the lighting was awful in the (beautiful) auditorium

I will never forget the day I met that feisty little three year old and just seeing her today in her cap and gown brought me to tears.   The years in between may not have always been perfect for she and I but I wouldn't change a thing about where we are today.  

Holly,you are such a treasure to your dad and I!  A treasure that I hold dear in my heart.  Your future is so bright and filled with so many blessings and I can't wait to watch each one happen for you!  Know that you are always in our prayers and we are forever there for you!  Congratulations my sweet!  Congratulations!

I love you....


What a special day for all of you and I love the pic with her and J!!! Way too cute! You look beautiful in your white dress-- hottie mommy!!

Thanks so much for the sweet comment. We are thrilled and cant belive how God orchistrated this whole thing. WE cant wait and want it to go fast so we can head back for our DD #2. Mia is so excited and the boys are obscessed with names. They are all about Finley right now which both kevin and I love-- so maybe a Finley Bock-- sounds pretty good!

Anyway, we will make sure we see you while you are in town.

Big hugs to you!


What a special day! I loved what you said about how the years may not always have been perfect for you and her, but that you wouldn't change anything now. I could have written those exact words about my step-daughter, Cera.

Buy the way, I love your dress :-)

Congratulations for your Holly! I am sure that there are great things in her future.
You all look great! and you got some wonderful pictures to remember that special day.

Congratulations Holly... Love the photos..
you are looking good Mama..
Love you BIG>.

Congratulations Holly! What a great accomplishment.

PS. Look at you, Kayce! Just fabulous in that dress. ;)

That's a great location to graduate from! Congratulations to your Holly! I'm glad you all had a wonderful time!

Congrats to your Holly! What a huge accomplishment for her!

1 down...2 to go! Haha! I looks like a great location and a beautiful day for a graduation ceremony! Wishing Holly the best!

Congratulations Holly!!What a gorgeous place to hold your graduation!! wow!!

They always say the fire makes the product more beautiful.

Happy Summer Kayce!! ;)

A very special day for a very special girl! The whole world is hers!


WOW....high school graduation...don't know about you, but am beginning to feel old...;)
She's a gorgeous girl.
And so blessed to have you in her life.
If we only knew now, what we knew at that age!
The world is her oyster...I pray she handle it with care. :)