12 May 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 - 24 comments

Black & White Wednesday - Sunshine

Flip flops and SPF are all we need today.
We spend our days under the bright sun
sharing dreams and enjoying watching the grass grow
all the while waiting for the sun to go low.
Morning coffee and sunset dinners entertain us and maintain us for now.
Flip flops and SPF are all we need today.

And because we had some super cute hair going on and were feeling all sassy, here's a little (long) recording for all your gooey enjoyment.  Sorry it's sideways...for the life of me I can not figure out how to flip it unless I go "pro" and I'm saving my money for sumpin else right now, so enjoy the video on it's side.  :)


Very cool flip flops photo! Great perspective . . . and it really captures that chillaxin feeling!

The video is too cute and she is darling in the piggy tails!

She is getting so big...love her pigtails...she is too adorable!

What a great picture. Man I wish I wasn't at work right now...

Love the picture as I am sitting here watching the rain come pouring down!

What a cutie you have there. I am digging the hair :-)

Love the picture as I am sitting here watching the rain come pouring down!

What a cutie you have there. I am digging the hair :-)

Oh Kayce, she is just all kinds of cute! Thanks for sharing her with us!

Ok, so out of curiosity? Are you turning your camera "long ways" when you shoot? I have a Canon Elph camera that has a video option and if, unlike when I take pictures, I shoot video and turn the camera sideways, the video comes out sideways instead of right side up. I have done that, many times by accident. And from what I learned, there is no way to "right" it. Ugh! Let me know if you find something that fixes it. I did it in China and I'm mad at myself.

Anyway, just a thought...she's adorable no matter what!!!

Ahhh.....that that's a shot I could sink into. Thanks for that moment - I'm freezing it. (Oh...wrong word - haha)

flip flops and spf are all you need? Hee hee... good thing you have a tall fence around your yard! ;)

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Here comes summer....that is such a summer pic!

OMG, THOSE PIG TAILS ARE TOO MUCH!!!! She's dang adorable it's crazy!

What a cool picture!!!!!! I love this!!! You take such awesome pictures : )
And look at those pigtails!!! She is the cutest!!!

Love the flip-flops! It's been cold again here lately - I drove through snow going to visit my parents earlier this week! Summer days are coming, though ... we just need some faith, right?

LOVE her piggies.

I love this is black and white, the lighting is superb too, great capture!
Can't wait until we have flip-flop weather!!

absolute sweetnes!! I love the pigtails!! Lauren loves her "band in a box" too! My fav is the sleighbell guy too! ;) Happy Summer! I loved seeing your pup's in the background too!

I just LOVE HER.. you have to be in heaven my friend..
I sooo hope that I get all this joy to soak up and love on..
Love you BIG..

Love the photo and it makes me so jealous of nice weather. We have been in the low 30's and snow the last two days. No sign of spring yet! :-(

Love the video, too cute!!

I LUUUUUV baby gibberish!
She quite enjoyed that shaker!!!
Must say I quite enjoyed your drum playin'! ;)
The hair is just toooo cute!
Think she enjoyed the actual empty drum as much as the instruments!
Used to drive me loopy that the kids preferred the boxes that the toys came in rather then the toys themselves!!!
BTW, am flip flop crazy!!!
What an awesome shot...awesome perspective! You turning professional on me, or what???
Just don't forget us little gals as you move up the ladder! ;)


I really enjoy hearing about your journey with your kiddos! I'm giving you an award on my site. Yay! :)

What a fun and warm picture!! I love the angle and closeness.

OMG...soooo cute! LOVE the hair! :-D

the flip flop photo is amazing.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the pigtails!!!

OH...I love the flip flop photo!!!

Your little cricket is just too precious:)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend~