07 April 2010

Wednesday, April 07, 2010 - ,, 22 comments

Black & White Wednesday - Happy Birthday

15 years ago today, April 7, 1995, you brightened this world.

Today you are another year older 
and I am another year blessed.

Today you step further into your future.

Today you will wake up 14 and fall asleep 15
and I will relive each moment of your arrival
and each memory of the last 15 years of your life.

Today we celebrate you.
Today I celebrate you.

Happy Birthday our sweet son!
You are the sunshine in our days and the light that brightens our nights,
oh how you are loved and treasured!
Happy Birthday!

Check out more incredible black & white pictures by clicking the link below.


Happy happy birthday Jake! I hope you have a great day.

What a sweet tribute to your son.
Such beautiful words... and images!

My heart skipped a beat reading these beautiful words.

Happy Birthday...Happy 15 years of being together!

Have a WONDERFUL birthday J!!!

Happy Birthday to your son. Great B&W he is a handsome young man.

I have a 15 year old son too...Where does the time go?

Beautiful post...makes a mother sigh.

Happy Birthday to your boy :)

happy birthday to your son! adorable baby picture!

Lovely tribute to your 15 year old boy.

Happy Birthday, to your wonderful son!!! 15 is a great age. :)
Beautiful pics and words.


They do grow up way too fast don't they? You are lucky he even let's you photograph him! Mine will NOT let me anymore! He is 16 going on 17! Happy Birthday to him any way! and all the best!

{sniff sniff sniff} My baby turned 4 yesterday! My b/w post was about her birthday too :) There is nothing like the love for our children! Happy Birthday to your son!!!

Happy birthday Big J!

Although mySamuelson just turned 6...my heart turned over...as many said above, "Where does the time go, Kayce?"

As I read somewhere recently (not surprisingly, I can't remember!) pay attention to all the little things, for on down the road, when you look back, you realize it's those little things that made the biggest memories.

Much love to you...

what a beautiful post and tribute to your baby boy : ) Happy Birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday Jake!
What a beautiful post for your boy. :)

Happy Birthday to one very special young man...

Hope you have a great Birthday Jake!!!

Happy birthday to your boy!

He is beautiful! Happy Birthday Jake! my brother just had a baby boy named Jacob. Sweet name.

Happy Birthday Big J..

Such sweet photos! I love the coloring in the first one :)

15!!!!!!!!!! WOW! I feel like I've watched Jacob grow up on this blog...what a great kid!

The big 15......Happy Belated Birthday to J!!

It has taken me a little while to work through all the links from Wednesday....so better late than never:) Hope you are doing well......Baby J is just precious!!