08 March 2010

Monday, March 08, 2010 - ,, 19 comments

Sunshine and more sunshine!

Today we went to the beach to not only enjoy the glorious day but to let Big J take pictures of his little cricket for her birthday invitation and these are just a few fun shots....there were over 200! 

Thank you J for being an incredible big brother and for taking WONDERFUL pictures for us!!


She is simply adorable. I am partial to the brother/sister pictures. I love seeing my stepson with his sisters.

What a sweet pea she is. I'm also a HUGE fan of the older brother/sister pics. Our son Nick was 17 when Grace came home with us at age 11 months. So sweet!

What beautiful shots! Hard not to when you have a sweet subject like her!

Keep smilin!

Cricket is breathtakingly beautiful, all the shots are fantastic J, I especially love the last one, you can just see how much he loves his little mei-mei...

OMG Kayce she is so stinkin adorable!!!!!! I'm dying over here I want to hold her...she is so cute!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! :) The tutu is just tuu cute!! Lauren has a matching one! :)

You are killing me with the cuteness of these here. She is so beautiful Kayce! I can't wait to meet her(and see you again).

Jennifer is tooooo CUTE..
Great job J..

Holy tutu she's cute!!! Her gummy smile is just too sweet for words! What precious pics!


OMG... I love every one... good luck choosing! I say make a whole collage for the invite, they are all too cute.

*sigh* She is just simply adorable, but you know that already, don't you, Momma? So happy to finally see her in your arms.

I love you, love you, love you... thank you SO much - thank you for the gifts that you sent today... it is so sweet of you... I feel blessed that our paths have crossed... to think that in only 21 days we will have Shauna in our family... thank you again... take care

Awwww. So cute! I love the one of her with her head up soaking in the ocean breeze!

Oh my GOSH Kayce I love these pictures!!!! I copied the one with her tongue sticking out!!!! It was priceless, heck they all were!!! Shes so teeny!!!

Love you, Kristy

You're my first "follower" that I don't know personally!!! Thanks soooo much Kayce!!! You have no idea how much of an encouragement that is...sometimes the simplest things can bring such joy...and usually bring the best. Now on to these pics: GORGEOUS!!! She just seems to jump right off the page! The pics with Mama are classic. Have to say my fave was the one where she's in the red shirt with her eyes closed and tongue sticking out. if i didn't know better I'd think she was in bliss tasting the salty air!!! :) Have a blessed day! :)

I love the pic with her tongue sticking out. It's like she can taste the beach. She will never know until its not there what a blessing it is to have the ocean in your backyard. Who knows, she may be your little Gidget before you know it. Take Care, Allison

Beach Blanket Babalan look out :)

what GREAT photos!