04 March 2010

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My first

In the midst of all the excitement in our house and the joy of being a new parent, there is another body here who will always fill me with an indescribable joy, my first born, my first child, my son.  Our Big J.  Since we got home from China he has been spending some time with his dad, step-mom and little brother and oh man did we miss him!  Now that he is sitting across the room from me right now and his being is beginning to permeate the house again, I feel very content.  My children are within arms reach of me.  These are the days I've dreamed of for so long.

This boy well wait, young man actually, has had so much going on since we got back from China just a few weeks ago.   Within a few days of being back at school and being awake during school hours he got onto the Junior Varsity Volleyball team!!!  YeeeeeHaaaaa!  He's so stoked to be playing again and is right back at it doing training and nightly workouts at school.  His first game is Saturday and yes pictures will be taken in plenty.  :)  Go Mariners!!!!

On top of the Volleyball stuff, he's been trying desperately to get caught up on classes that he didn't get work for during our trip and that has him a bit stressed.  Poor guy.  He worked his butt off on school work while we were in China and it has paid off in some classes, math though is another story.  The teacher gave him no work for our trip and said he'd have to make it up upon return, well now that we're home the teacher is not willing to help.  UGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!    Big J will make it happen though and of course we're here to help push him and the teacher along.  As for the teacher....all I got to say is...well I can't really say it here.  But COME ON!!!!!  Give the kid a break!

Besides getting back into the groove of carpools, early mornings and nightly homework, I am really missing our time in China together.  That experience with Big J was priceless.  Mike and I were talking about it the other night and came to the same conclusion that it was well worth it to have him there with us.  Why?  Well because not only would I have missed him terribly, but we learned so much more about each other.  I've always known that he's a pretty cool person but we got to know him for who he is growing up to be.  We talked about stuff in his life and stuff in our life, big stuff.  We shared in things that shook you to your core.  We spent 17 days in hotel rooms where you couldn't fart without everyone knowing it.   He got to see his mom in her bra and underwear more times than he wanted.   (TMI I know)  He held my hand as we walked the steps of The Great Wall!  That is something that hasn't happened in years, the hand holding thing that is. We just cemented our bond I guess you could say.  Like I said it was priceless.  I relive those days with pure joy in my heart.

I know I always say how proud I am and how much he means to me but I'm going to say it again and again and again and again.  Forever and ever.


You amaze me.  You surprise me.  You make me laugh deeply.  You are everything I am and everything I'm not.  I love you for all that you are and all that you aren't.  Don't ever change!  You have a spark that ignites the world around you and only you know how to make it explode...make it happen!!  When things look rocky on the road you are on remember that there is always someone to talk to, your God.  Know that I'm ALWAYS here for you as is Mike, your dad, T and all your grandparents and aunts and uncles. I love watching you grow and take deeper steps into your future, it fills me with much pride and joy!   China was the awakening in your life for what lies ahead, now take it and run my son!  

I love you more than all the people in China....


Sounds like an amazing young man!

Do you know Kayce one of the things I've always liked so much about how you write is you don't censor your feelings.

It is just so, so, so clear how much you cherish, admire and love your son. Your pride in him is worn as a badge of honor.

I hope that I am able, as Hannah grows, to let her know half as well just how much she means to me.

You are an amazing woman!

That math teacher needs....an attitude adjustment (I'm trying to word it nicely)!!! What an ass...oops, I failed!

Don't second guess your decision to take Jacob to China...you can't get that kind of an education or life experience in a classroom!

Jacob's future is as bright as he is!!!

LOVE this letter.. and J is amazing..
Have a great week.

Wow, beautifully written! Experiencing China with J was definitely one of those times you'll all remember for the rest of your lives. What a treasure.

I could have written this post. Our oldest is so amazing. We have such good memories of our China trip. She also has a horrid math teacher this year. I just want to get her through this year. Congrats on 2 wonderful children

Oh... you had me crying... what lucky kids to have a mum like you :)

you make me cry, what a great son and your a great MOM!

I have chills.

You sweet thing you.