22 March 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010 - 14 comments

When's the next trip!?!!?

oooooo!  Our camping trip was fabulous!  I'd been a little worried that the cricket would have a difficult time of it, but she LOVED it!  And LOVED it is actually putting it mildly.  We are already planning our next trip and I'm counting the days!  For our first trip out with our cricket we went with a full hook-up campground with LOTS of amenities that would help make the first time a bit easier.  SO glad we did.  But our next trip will definitely be more like Big Sur camping because I can not wait to show my girl where my favorite place on the planet is.

Along lots of pictures to share, we came home with our first tooth!  YEA!!  Now if I could just get the cricket to sit still long enough to flash that beautiful smile so I can photograph that tooth.   Enjoy the pictures......

Are we there yet????

Our home away from home.
Concrete jungles are not my fav way to camp but then again I'll camp just about anywhere!

Not all teenagers are over being a kid.  :)

Going on one of many walks.

Our little love bug.

The crickets first campfire and future husband. 
 Little Gav said he loves the cricket so much and wants to marry her.  
I had to tell him that he'd have to wait until after college.  :)

Good times!

Nothing like a birthday by the campfire!

Happy puppies.

Sleeping the entire night away!  
I think we may have to sell our house and live on the road...now that's not a bad idea!!

Best Friends Forever!  
Spending a lazy morning in bed is the best!

Camping breakfasts are the best!

All the boys having too much fun!

Lots of bffs.....

Finally we get to take a picture with our daughters!  Another dream fulfilled!

And finally the best picture of our first trip together!  
Nothing better than a girl and her daddy!


Looks like you had a fabulous time. We have GOT to do Big Sur together. You pick a date and I'll take off of work(Wednesday-Sundays work best for us).

What a touching post. Love the photos - your family looks like they are having such a fabulous time together!! Enjoy every minute with that precious baby girl.


Kayce we used to camp at Big Sur...we have a motorhome...have you ever camped at June Lake???? I grew up camping there and we went every July until we moved here to Chicago 11 years ago...I miss camping so much.

.....what a perfect weekend....xoxoox,me

Wow!! can you believe..so many camping trips dreaming of when you would have your girl with you and now it is here...so happy for you!!! I love all the pic's!!

LOVE the photos..
Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time..
Love the Love Bug sweatshirt ..too cute..

What a fabulous camping trip! Great pictures with your family! Seriously, could she be any cuter?! You are sooo blessed!

I am jealous of your weather!


Your first camping trip with Jenny! A dream come true for you guys! It looks like you had a fabulous time! You all look so very happy!

What incedible photos, your have such a beautiful family.
I love the one of J walking his little Cricket!

Looks like it was awesome... love camping :)

oh my gosh K, it is just picture perfect. Every photo was just perfect. Finally. Your family is complete and you are doing what you love best with those that you love best. AMEN!!!!

Oh Kayce!!! So heart-warming to see so many of your dreams coming true! The pure joy in your face in the pic with Cricket is beautiful. And what an AWESOME hobby/interest to raise your children up with! Back to the basics!
P.S. The pic of Cricket and her father is priceless...:)

How wonderful!!! Each picture is FUN!!!