11 January 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010 - 9 comments

Xie Xie!

We're practicing our Chinese by saying THANK YOU! to some friends....

Xie Xie Dolores and Shawn for the adorable dress! Miss baby J will be so adorable in this adorable dress that Dolores made just for our girl. Thank you so, so much!!

Penguins!! Special K from Miles to Mia spoiled our girl with pure penguin cuteness! As soon as we saw those cute jammies, we all said "those are going to China with us!!" We've got some room to add some stuff in Baby J's suitcase and those are going in there!

A long time lifer friend of mine from camp days sent these adorable bits of cuteness a few weeks back...Thank you Allison!! There's gonna be some serious cuteness going on with those jammies and that outfit! OHMY!!

Thank you guys SO very much for thinking of us and our sweet gal! Xie Xie!

T Minus - 14 days!!!


I can wait to see Miss J in her outfit! I hope it fits. I had so much fun making it!

Kailahni says, "Xie Xie". I'm very proud of the fact that WE taught her to say it....she wasn't speaking Chinese in China, but she is now....a little.

14 days.....woot, woot!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. All these clothes are adorable!

she is certainly going to be well dressed.


You're very welcome! I can't wait to see a pic of Jennifer in her pj's. :)

All those adorable clothes!!! You will have so much fun dressing Jennier up.

Adorable! You must be so excited!

We will be in Guangzhou the same dates as you...looking forward to meeting!

LOVE all the goodies...
Looks like Jennifer will be styling..
Have a great day girly..

Oh how I miss the teeny, little cute baby girl outfits!

They are all SO cute!

Those are some seriously cute outfits! Jennifer is going to look darling!