14 January 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010 - 10 comments

What's going on here!!!

As we get closer to the beginning of major changes in our house, our girls (Ella and Summit that is) have begun to show some unhappiness. With as much as we spoil them and treat them as babies themselves, it has come as no surprise that they are nervous and worried. There has been lots of packing and unpacking of boxes along with suitcases being filled and much excitement around, they know something major is happening around here.

They seem to be looking for more attention and unhappy if one is getting more then other. In fact right now they are sitting in opposite sides of the house! Well after a second argument last night between them we've decided to begin "operation baby". So our new parenthood has already begun! We've taken one of Baby J's baby dolls and lovingly named her Jenny and now carry her around everywhere! We've diapered, rocked, talked to and held her while she's crying. Yes, crying! I found some crying baby videos to prepare the girls for some new sounds for them. Poor dogs! Besides giving the dogs a crash course in all things baby, it's preparing us for what lies ahead! I think we're ready though!!

So far they are very good with us being so attentive to this little "thing" and are curious about our tone of voice and holding and talking to the doll. I'll be sporting the Ergo or sling while I'm home and bringing the "baby" with us when we leave the house along with constantly talking to it and trying as much as we can to "pretend" it's the real Baby J. As we went to bed last night Ella helped me tuck Jenny into her crib...if only it will be that easy to put baby to bed! LOL!

Our girls, especially Ella, are my constant companions. Ella has been my baby since she was 7 weeks old and the excitement going on along with me not giving her the attention she's used to has made her a bit unhappy. I am hopeful that this "exercise" will ease her fears and help her to understand she's still top dog before we come home in 28 days. What kind of preparations did you give your pets for bringing baby home?? Any thoughts would be wonderful!!

T-Minus 12 days!!!


seems like you are doing everything right.
your dogs are most likely picking up on your anxiety about the trip and everything going on.

I agree with Pug Mama....dogs are smart and will pick up on the littlest things.

I am not sure what to suggest you do to get the dogs ready. When Nick was born, we had my parents bring something Nick wore in the hospital home to the dog. I think it was one of the little beanies they had on hime those first few days. Our dog adjusted really well..... I am sure it will be just fine:)



Our dog behaved similarly as we were preparing our son's room and packing and was very depressed when he initially rejected her - happily that didn't last long and she's back to her peppy goofy self. Can't wait to hear about your trip!

The dogs will do well..
I have loved having the twins around our dogs cause then when Isabella gets here it won't be such a shock..
they will do fine..
You are getting close..

Our cat? FREAKED. But he got over it soon enough. And now he even sleeps on the Tongginator's bed sometimes.

Uuummm...you need to get on that plane and get that baby!!!

Put the fake baby down (before someone sees you), take the dogs for a walk, and remember to breathe in and out...

I'm not making fun of you..OK, I am a little, but with love. I seriously think the dogs will be fine. The will probably go through an adjustment period (especially since they won't have seen you for 2 weeks), but they'll get use to the new addition. They seem like really sweet dogs....they'll probably love her to pieces.

FYI...Kailahni screamed bloody murder when she first saw a dog. It took weeks to get her use to any animal without screaming...she was scared to death. Now, she's completely enthrawled with animals, but always proceeds with caution. I can't wait to see Jennifer's reaction...being fostered, she may have had more exposure to animals???!!

I thought you were going to call?!

My Lilly girl has such a hard time whaching all the baby stuff come into the house and the bags getting packed she knew something was up. But on day one she was the first one to curl up next to Annalise when she fell asleep on the floor. They will be so protective of there new sister.

When we were getting ready and packing our Jack was very anxious. We let hime sleep in the baby's room on the carpet and let him check out the baby's things. When the babies come home, he was awesome, didn't shy away (we thought he might, he'd been the only baby for 6yrs)he was curious and gentle.
He was their protector and had to be around them at all times.
Your babies will be just fine with Jennifer, your on the right track!

Dogs are so smart!!!!! They pick on so much. They are going to be fine and they will miss you like crazy!!!! Of course when you get home with that precious bundle they may be a bit jealous...but they will adapt {{{hug}}}}
It's almost time!!! Yipee!!!

Oh, poor girls.. I cried when we left Bailey at my in-laws as we headed for the airport. I knew her life was about to change just as much as all of ours, yet she didn't know it. However, like your other bloggy friends have said already, dogs are soo smart. I'm sure they are nervous, but they will get through this and will come to find that their new little addition is just a new one to love. Bailey and Lauren love eachother..although they don't always communicate well. :)

Gosh..you are leaving so soon!! FINALLY!! It's YOUR turn! woohoo!