16 January 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010 - 11 comments

Check me out!

After much debate, finding the perfect one then to find out it was no longer available and a lot of research we now are the proud owners of a new ride! ooooo yah!

It was really important for us to find a strolley that was rear facing and able to change to forward facing as well. Rear facing will help so much with our bonding time with Baby J and I think this ride will fit her perfectly! We can't wait for trips to Gilroy Gardens, the zoo, and where ever else our new ride may take us!

T-Minus 10 days!


love this stroller!! counting down the days with you!!

I know you must be so excited to meet your daughter....we are so excited to travel as well, though we aren't leaving until the 30th of January! See you there!

Haha I love the baby strapped in! Too cute!
I can't wait for you to travel to baby J!

Great stroller. It's just exactly what I want for H's sister. Can't wait to see you with baby J in there :)

Love it! you are so smart to get one that's rear facing too...I can just see baby J looking at you with a huge smile on her face.
So excited for you, Kayce!

Oh NICE.... love your new ride!! I am sure J will too:)

Enjoy your weekend!



oohhhhhh how exciting!!!! I love it Kayce!!!!! You have got to be on cloud nine!!! I so remember that feeling.

Love the stroller!! It is really cute. Don't you love shopping for all of these wonderful things! Can't wait to see Jennifer in it....
10 more days for you guys Yippee!!

Hugs dear friend!

OMW! I went through sooo much trying to decide on a stroller and guess what?!? I have the exact same one as you in a slightly different color. I love it. Gwyneth loves it. The dog can pull it. It has been to the zoo twice and the botonical gardens once. You can go over curbs and baby won't wake. I can hardly wait to see jennifer in it.

OMW.. I love it.. you will have to let me know how it works..
Can't wait to see Jennifer in there..

Great new wheels!! Like you, it was SO important to me that I be able to push Hannah with her facing me and I am so glad I looked as hard as I did for a stroller like this. Even now being home over 2 months she has never been pushed with her any way but facing me. It works perfectly for both of us and I know it will for you too! Oooo....I'll do Gilroy Gardens with you! Hopefully when we come visit!