10 December 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009 - 6 comments

Blessings abundant!

The blogging community is truly an amazing place. I talk to friends who don't blog and when I speak of someone who they don't know they always ask "who is that?". I always say, "she is my friend from Florida or from Ohio, or from Michigan or even from Kentucky!" The response is always a look of skepticism and a "who??". These are my friends, the ones who know what it feels like, the ones who walk beside me and I beside them in our journeys to our children. We are a group of men and women who are forever bonded by one common word. Love.

I say love because we all started a journey of love to a child unknown to us and along the way we have found each other and support one another continuously. Well today I went to my mailbox only to find it crammed full of packages and as I took one after the other out I felt an outpouring of love from people I have never met and may never meet but will always call them my friends. The blogging community has meant so much to me in these last few years and in the last week I have been humbled to see so many of you sending cards, leaving messages, texting me and sending gifts! Thank you to all my fellow sisters and brothers too! You are the best!! Thank you!

My girl is set up with the bows for all that hair!! Look at all of these wonderful clippies from Kimberley! BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you!!

Any guesses who these adorable jammies are from?? I'll give you a hint if you can't see the POLAR BEARS on them! Oh man! These are absolutely adorable and with us traveling in the dead of winter they will be coming in VERY handy while in China! Mike and I only wish we could find a set in our size! Thanks you Polar mama!!

Fliss sent us this beautiful set for Jennifer and I just love the sweetness of it, it's so soft and perfectly girly. Thank you so very much Fliss! SO much!!


Amazing ladies...
Love the goodies..
Little Miss Jennifer has a box coming from Auntie Kim ... shipping out tomorrow..
Love ya..

Wow! What a wonderful, fabulous community of loving people....peace to each of you!


You are so welcome my friend! You were right there waiting with me and helping get through one of the hardest times of my life. It is a pleasure to help you welcome your little Jennifer. I LOVE her hair!!

I know, what would we do without our bloggy friends! You are such a dear friend to me and I've not even met you in person! I am soo excited that it is your turn next to be traveling to China to get little Jennifer! I keep watching the others on their journey and am so excited to follow you on your journey to your long-awaited daughter!

Love ya!

Cuteness galore! Oh my lands, whatever would we do without our blogging friends? Their joys become our joys and help sustain us through this lengthy wait. TD and I are so very happy for y'all. Congrats - counting the days til you travel.

I am so happy you like the little sleeper! :o)

This wait would be absolutely impossible without the blogger community! I honestly feel that unless a person been through this wait it can't really be 'understand', no matter how hard a person tries. I am so thankful for you and all my bloggy friends. :o)

Now bring on that TA!!!!