08 December 2009

Tuesday, December 08, 2009 - 21 comments

Our dinner guest

It's been a week, a whole seven days since we saw the face of our beautiful daughter. I can not believe a week has passed or the fact that it even happened, well actually I can but if someone where to ask me what I did, I couldn't say. It's been a blur of excited activity. The awe is beginning to fade into bliss and for the first time in a long time there is a lightness around here that has been missing for so long! This little bit of sunshine has brightened not only our lives but of all around us. Every single person in our family is walking with a lighter step today, from grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and of course us! It is truly amazing what this week has meant to our family.

The weekend was filled with much research of where our little one is and learning as much as we could about her and her province. We've confirmed she is in foster care but most likely spends her days at the orphanage with her friends.

(Orphanage picture - courtesy of Jay Collier)

We did a little shopping and it was so cool finally being able to buy something for our daughter knowing full well who she was! We also ordered her a care package filled with jammies, blanket, bear, candies for her caregivers and a camera to hopefully capture the next few months of her life. I can't believe I am actually writing this! WOW!

We signed, sealed and delivered our acceptance package on Monday with much joy! From what we've been told we are expected to travel within the next two months.

Big J has been carrying around a picture of his baby sister and showing anyone who asks, he's pretty proud! He has big plans for her already! He is so excited about our trip to China and is already making plans for what he thinks he can do...like bring a snow disk so he can slide down the Great Wall. Unfortunately I had to stomp that plan and explain to him that we can not under any circumstances bring a snow disk with us in our luggage! So now he's moved on to what he plans on eating and let me say he is not scared of what he might encounter, bring on the scorpions he says! Eck!

As we sat down for dinner last night Mike brought the computer over and put our daughter at her spot to join us.

It just felt so right and the three of us stared at her face and openly talked about our future. A future that has been a long time coming and is all starting to happen and fall into place. Finally the empty spot at our dinner table is filled. Makes me shiver and brings tears to my eyes.

We also after many hours of toiling over our daughters name came to a decision. We had made changes several months ago but ended up changing our minds again and went with sticking to family tradition and keeping a part of her past with her. In my family, granddaughters middle names are the same as their maternal grandmother and I really wanted to keep that deep rooted generational tradition, so without further ado.... I leave you with our daughter...

Jennifer Lee Xiaocheng.


I dont' think that name fits of a scan-tron sheet! Tell J he can be the next Bizarre Foods guy. He'll have to blog his foodie experiences while he is over there. I would love to share it with my own adventurous eater. Much Love, Allison (one day I'll remember my log in info)

so stinkin' cute!!! I could just eat her up!

Can't wait for your journey to China to begin!

Such joy!!! I remember feeling the same way when I was purchasing clothes for the first time knowing who mia was. It was bliss!!!! I am just so happy for you guys and love the fact that she gets to eat dinner with you guys every night-- just feels right!!!

Big hugs,

Christy :)

Her name is perfect!!!!!

I love how you had her join you for dinner, and her name is beautiful. I still can't get over what a peanut she is. I love the picture of her in the furry chair - soooooo cute.

Congratulations again -- kelly :-)

Lovely name for such a cutie pie!!
I like having her at dinner with you.... too sweet.

Big hugs!!

Seriously a snow disc to CHINA .... what a hoot that would be!!

I love that you sat your daughter at the table with you. Can't wait to see that proud big brother meeting his little sister at long last.

How funny! I just happened upon this site today (Google search for Yiyang) and your photo of the SWI is my husband's photo. You can send him a quick email asking him permission, please. I'm assuming you got it from Flickr and you can send him a message through there. Congratulations on your daughter! Our Yiyang girl is just incredible.

What a great name. I hope she still has all that hair when you get to China. You may actually get to take bows and clips with you!!!!!!1

I am crying over here.. don'tknow why.. but I am guessing cause I am sooo dang happy for you girly..
Love her name.. now I can call her JENNIFER.. not ___________Jennifer....
Love you all..

Oh I am so happy for you.. I can't wait to do the 'research' of Shauna (when we get our referral) to see where she is from, orphanage/foster family etc it does seem so great to see you have her picture sitting at the table...

What a beauty she is and her name is perfection. It totally suits that sweet little face...

big hugs to you Kayce, enjoy all these moments!

I sent a little care package for Jennifer! She has so much hair I'm sure hoping she can enjoy everything right away :)

Love that she joined you at the dinner table. That made me a little teary. :)

My middle name is also Lee... but mine is spelled Leigh.

brings tears to my eyes too

I just keeping come over to your site just so I can have a look at that beautiful little face!!

the name suits her! glad you were able to come to a decision after much debate :O)

She is so beautiful! Don't worry about travel. It's so hard to wait now, but you want to miss the CNY expense. In the meantime think how you will stock-up at those after Xmas sales girl!
I keep thinking of the song Jennifer-Juniper!
leaving Wednesday!!!!

She is a sweetie! What a great blessing:) Enjoy the journey!