20 September 2009

Three Word Sunday

That is the question! Only the days ahead will answer those questions and whatever the answer is we are SO excited!!!

We had such a great day yesterday up in the City with family and friends. We went to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park and enjoyed ourselves immensely! We had so much fun that we had to force ourselves to leave...here are just a few photos (I took over 150!) from my new pocket camera which is so cool! I'm still getting used to it as you can tell from the blurry picture above.

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LOVE the photos..
The sanddollars and the star fish are my favorite..
I sooo hope you are next..
love ya..

Oh man, I have every single body part crossed that you are NEXT!

I love the Academy of Sciences. We went on opening weekend and I have never seen so many people in my entire life. Would like to go back when it is less crowded.

P.S. Mike looks GREAT!!

And you do too, but you always look beautiful :)

What great pictures !! Glad you had such a fun time. The penguins are always so cute.... I love to watch them waddle!

I am praying that you guys will here some fantastic news so soon! God has a plan for you and he has picked out the perfect child that will be your daughter! I can't wait to share in your happy news.


I sure hope that you are next!

what a great picture of the two of you!!!!

Love the contribution this week!!! And fingers crossed that you are next and not next next.

Oh I hope you are next because I will be too and we will meet in CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!


REALLY hoping you are next!

Beautiful pics of you all...love San Francisco, one of my fav cities in the whole world! We lived in the area for 7 years and I still miss it very much...

Are we next indeed!?!?!

I love SF...miss Cali...

I hope you are NEXT!!! Great photo of you and your hubby:)

I thought by now we would hear something....after all it is already Monday in CHINA!! BRING EM' ON!!!



How exciting! Hope you know this week.

How exciting......you're next.

I think that is 19th Avenue, not 19th Street. 19th street is in the Mission district.

My heart skipped a beat when I read this! I am so hoping you are NEXT and we see Jennifer's sweet face in a few DAZE!!! SCREAM!!!

Hope you hear good news - a large batch of referrals!!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

....fabulous, just fabulous! xoxoxo,me

Hoping you are NEXT!

I want you to be NOW, so then maybe I will be NEXT! I read about you on Rose & Marie's mom's blog.....best of luck to you!

lid 4.3.06

Hoping you are next! Has to be!

Looks like fun in the big city!! The weather was much better on the weekend than it was on Friday!

So... hang on for the ride! Here's hoping we hear something concrete soon! Next or Next Next. That IS the big question!!! This is so exciting!!

Hoping and praying you are next!!!

Hang on to your hat girl you are on the wildest ride of your life.

Fun pictures...I love San Francisco (I've only been there twice..but I loved it)!

Next...next, next..it's all good!

gosh...I am hoping for a big batch for you!

I hope you are next and not next next... I know I am most likely next, next, next... then again I hope I am next next :) Hugs to ya...