22 September 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 - 9 comments

Just because

Just yesterday you slept in my arms while I held you.
Just the other day you looked up to meet my eyes.
Just last week you could barely count to 10.
Just a minute ago you called me mommy.

Just yesterday you learned to tie your shoes.
Just the other day you took your first step into your future.
Just last week you enjoyed your first peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Just a minute ago you asked me why for the first time.

And just because I love you.

I will always be there to hold you.
I will always be here to meet your eyes.
I will always help you count to 10 or 10 trillion.
I will always answer to mommy.

And just because you're forever my son.

I will forever praise you for all you do.
I will forever help you move forward.
I will forever be here to help fulfill you.
I will forever help you find the answers.

Just because my son...I love you!

More than all the sand dollars in the seas...I love you!


Sweet. Sniff...

oh so sweet....

that's beautiful....

Oh, this post makes me cry it's so beautiful! Being at the stage where I am at the now with holding Lauren and teaching her to count, I just hold onto these days and take in each and every moment, because I know it will be "just yesterday" very soon. :)

Praying your Jennifer is in this batch. :)

That made me tear up! How does it go by so fast? Really great shots! You will always love those (below too)!

BTW if B ends up at like Bethany in Santa Cruz, then we will eventually have time to meet you, I'll bet!!

That is so sweet! they grow up wat too fast!


they do grow up WAY to fast..
That made me think of the kids.. especially Nick..
Love ya..

Oh Kayce that was just beautiful, I just love it. We always have to remind ourselves to not blink because they do grow up way too fast.

Kayce I can't even imagine how you are feeling right now, because I am just a jittery mess for you right now!!! I have never been a RQ follower but now I am obsessed looking for just any little rumor!!!! I can't wait, I am so excited for you!!!

Love you bunches!



I have my fingers crossed that you will hear something soon!!!