18 September 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009 - 6 comments


Oh me oh my!! I just got me a new toy!!! Check out my super cute and super small - read slip in the pocket or purse - mama camera! We have a SLR, which I LOVE, but I've been missing so many opportunities for being a inconspicuous photohogamama, so before I lost another perfect moment I grabbed this cutie and am ready for action! Now all we need is to add a toddler to the mix of teendom!!

We've had a few emails and calls regarding our paperwork status and here it is....we're still waiting. We've been in contact with both of our agencies and they both keep telling us the same thing..."don't worry". Our home study agency was able to "make contact" with the orphan officer who explained that they are quite backlogged but that we are good to go. What does that mean??? Supposedly our paperwork will be approved from the day we submitted it, that's one explanation. The other explanation was that since we put the application in for renewal before our I-171 expired, it automatically is extended from the day it expires. I'm still confused. All I know is I've been told to calm down and that all will be okay. Yeah right! You're telling a woman who's been waiting almost 42 months for her child or is it 41 or 43 I've lost count, to remain calm. COME ON! Give me an epidural already!!!!!!!!! Last we heard it will be another week or two. Did I say I needed an epidural?

This week my daily Words of Wisdom from Rev Run has been pretty poignant....

Here is Tuesdays - "Good morning. Patience is the weapon that forces deception to reveal itself! Patience will reveal any flaw in your most carefully laid plan - Dr Murdoch (Remember) Patience is the companion of wisdom.

Here was today's - "Good morning. Faith without patience is one-legged! Many of us have lots of FAITH but lack PATIENCE. Trust me, (YOU NEED BOTH!) I'm reminded of what my brother Russell Simmons said after closing some VERY big deals, “Great things happen on Gods timing,, not ours.” :-)"

God is Love
Rev Run

Love that guy!!

As for rumors...got nothing except well maybe the 29th is in and maybe it isn't. My mindset is that it isn't. Don't ask my why. I guess if I had to explain....October has been in my head for SO long now that the possibility of September being our month is incomprehensible right now. It just doesn't seem real. Maybe I've just gotten comfortable in our wait and now all of the sudden it's nearing the end, it's finally here even if it ends next month. It is just wild to say this wait is about done. My dad said last night that I must be about ready to jump out of my skin and my reply was.."I'm actually very calm". I truly am except for that little firecracker that's popping around in my tummy. If we do not get a referral this month, I am very okay with that. Then I will know that next month is it. For now I sit in anticipation for many wonderful bloggy friends who are all anxiously waiting for the weekend to pass, to see their daughters and son's faces next week. I can't wait to pass along many congratulations...it's been a long time coming!

For us, our weekend is filled to the brim with good times. A night of fair fun for the boy. A day in San Fran with my new camera in hand. Family dinner and game night with our families. And what ever else comes along in between.



Keep yourself busy and have fun with your new little toy!!! Next week will be exciting no matter what happens! There's nothing wrong with being NEXT!!!

you will have so much fun with a little camera we love ours.

Love the new snap camera..
I love mine..
It is sooo much easier..
Have a great weekend..

Love to take pictures, hope it keeps you busy!

Great little camera! Have fun!!

Still holding you close in my thoughts and prayers friend! Next week will answer so many questions and hopefully one is WHO your sweet Jennifer is!!

Love ya!! xo

Have fun with that new camera! Your plans this weekend sound great. I am so hoping for you for next week. But like Mary said, there is nothing wrong with being next!