29 July 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 - 11 comments

She's Crafty

Man I love the Beastie Boys!! No seriously I do and I have been known to bust out the Licensed to Ill album and cut a rug but thats not the reason for my post sorry to burst the bubble.

So it's the tail end of summer and I've been crossing stuff off my to do list left and right.

Clean out and organize office/craft room - check
Clean out all closets - check
Clean the baseboards - check
Work on projects I've been thinking, okay dreaming of doing - well I can't check that off the list yet because the list is REALLY long! But I did get my fabric letters finished and another one started....

SO here's a project that I've been wanting to do FOREVER! I have magazines up the wazoo with pages earmarked for reasons that range from ooooo cool I must do this to WOW! how cool is that! Do I ever go back to those magazines and do anything about my earmarks? NO. The magazines just sit in a pile in the closet waiting for me to either throw them out in frustration for more space or in hopes that I go back and review my turned corners. Every time I earmark a page I say to myself, "self you must put all this in a book for reference for the future!" and folks that is what I did yesterday! Finally I got started on putting all these thoughts, ideas, dreams, wishes and desires in a book...

To say that I'm excited for my start at a "Fun Book" is an understatement! I grabbed an old composition book of Big J's that wasn't used, some tape, a glue stick, scissors, colored pencils, the first of many stacks of mags and put the music on and just let the day float by. Of course it was socked in fog so it made it easy to stay in my jammies all day and get crafty!!

On the front cover I'll be putting different quotes that I find along the way that I like along with words of wisdom and the title of the book which is dedicated to all who are kids or long to be a kid forever, like me.

I plan on writing down the date next to each "activity" when we do it and our thoughts of how it went.

I glued a big manilla envelope in the back of the book to put in future oooos and aaahhhs instead of earmarking and saving magazines for months, that way they are in the envelope and when or if I ever get a free moment to be crafty again it's all where it needs to be to be put in the book of dreams, wishes and fun stuff to do on a boring ole day.

Mmmmmm I'm off to do something else to keep me busy!


Very resourceful of you! I have done this with recipes I clipped over the years.

Keep smilin!

How lucky I am to have such a cool and wonderful daughter! You're amazing!!! xoxoxo! M

WOW.. you are sooo organized ... love the idea..
Have a great time.. can't wait to see all the great ideas..

You are very smart to be doing all of this now!

Wow, what a great idea!!

I love that idea Kayce!!! I too have a ton of mags that I have done the same thing too, so thanks for the great idea!!

Love, Kristy

Thank you for your prayers, it means so much to me.

Oh ya!!! I had a all day in my jammies day today too. It was nice but I still was kind of working so it was not just a hang out and watch movie jammie day. What a great idea your book is. Totally love it! By the way, Mike D of Beasties and a few of the others like lead singer of Incubus and others totally know my brother and they even do lunch and stuff. They are all big time "foodies" and love high end dining and food so they befriended my brother and are totally interested in their farm-- brad is actually raising a cow for them for slaughter right now. I love beasties- always have!Even my boys do although I dont let them listen to a lot of their foul language songs.

Big hugs and great job on your new project!!!


What a great idea! I finally got around to pulling mine out of the magazines, but they are sitting in a big file, I like your idea and at this point it's all about staying busy!

Very cool idea! Love this.

This is a great idea!