27 July 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009 - 11 comments

Keeping busy

While Big J was at camp last week (which was "SO much fun mom!"), I had a very relaxing week just puttering around the house and enjoying life. Besides enjoying a week with a quite house and only my agenda to maintain, I did a little sewing. I had found this tutorial a few weeks ago and couldn't resist the oh so simple project! Once I finished the letters I made a cute bag to put them in and am now set for some seriously fun site word building in the future! I'm going to do numbers next and add a few more letters to the bag so we can spell a name or two.

Besides sewing up a storm I also put together a yummy dinner of Garden Vegetable Stir-fry with Tofu one night that I just had to share....OH YUM!

It's hard to believe that our summer is quickly coming to an end! Next Friday will be freshman orientation at the high school and then school will officially start the following Wednesday. Oh my. This summer has been nothing but good times and adventures galore! I think I've been stuck in the laundry room more this summer than ever before! Once Big J gets home from one adventure he's off on another. By this time tomorrow he will be on a camping trip with his best friend and family then coming home only to turn around and head up to the Sierras for our final trip of the summer season.

In the meantime we sit patiently and wait for the next few months to pass as it seems the end of our wait for Baby J is coming to an end. Can I get and AMEN!! My number crunching husband has been busy guesstimating a referral date for sometime in October, although he hasn't put September out of the thought process. We will see. For now we are preparing for the blessed event and gearing up for what lies ahead.

I'm now off to switch the laundry, clean the house for the social worker visit tomorrow, cut out the numbers for my next sewing project and wait for the fog to lift here at the beach. Happy Monday!


We gotta keep busy. You are doing a great job of that!

LOVE the letters...too cute!

Keep smilin!

Yes. I agree. Keeping busy is the only way to keep our sanity right now. I love those alphabet letters! I went and looked at the tutorial! VERY CUTE IDEA. Did you see her baby shoes pattern? It is really cute too...

Crossing fingers and toes for September for you!

Sounds like you have had a wonderful summer. Hope Big J's orientation goes well.

I love the letters! What a great idea, too bad I can't sew! Maybe that could be my new task to stay busy, oh wait, I still have to put my house back in order from the mess we made of it this summer trying to pass the time! Here's to staying busy in an effort to make tme fly!!!

Love the letter bag! Did you use the quilt batting or the stiff interface?

If you make that stir fry... I am on the first plane over there :) Sorry I don't get to visit as much but am thinking of ya...

Those letters are adorable! You could probably sell those on Etsy or something.

Very cute letters! I need to go back to that site and look for the baby shoes pattern.

Good for you for staying busy!

I LOVE those letters.. I am thinking like Special K..I would buy some..
Great job on dinner.. I should be over there for that one..LOL..
Thank you soooo much for the book it is sooo cute.. I havebeen looking at the catalog.. trying to figure out some books..
Love ya girly..

Ok I am so doing the Letter thing! It is the cutest ever- I have a 4 year old and he is learning his letters! I think he would love it and of Course when Anna Graces comes I think it would be fun! Thanks for the ideas!

I love the letter bag. Fabulous idea!
And the food looks soooo good.