31 July 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009 - 6 comments

Because I'm missing our boy

Two days after Big J got home from camp he left again for a camping adventure with his best bud and family and I'm seriously missing the guy! I love this picture of him in his new "camp" sweatshirt that he came home from camp wearing. He has now officially surpassed me in the height department and his voice seemed to have changed an octave or two as well.

Oh this is hard.

Letting go and letting them grow is so hard.

But that's a post for a later time because I've got to pack the trailer up for our final trip of summer. We leave Sunday for a blissful few days in the Sierras to disengage and wind down on a fun filled summer. I plan on putting the brick on Big J's head so that maybe I can get the growing to stop for just a few minutes and try to drag him on some trail through the John Muir or Ansel Adams Wilderness.


They GROW UP way to FAST.. believe me..
You will have sooo much fun..
Love ya girly..
Thanks again for everything you have done.. you are AMAZING...

He such a handsome young man. Packing up for a summer trip? You are always up to something fun!

Kayce I know exactly how you feel!!!

He is so handsome!!

Love, Kristy

It is so hard. Even when they are home, they just want to be with their friends and leave you behind. Soooo hard.

I am in Kim's book swap and want to order a book from you and have you ship it to my person.

Can I do that?

I can only imagine! Dan took Lauren out for awhile so I could do school work and I missed them soo much just during this short time! Hang in there!

Also, thank you for the beautiful card. You are such a wonderful friend. :)

love ya!

Your boy has changed so much over the past year. Enjoy that last trip of the summer.

I know I owe you a couple of cards. I sure appreciate all your words and cards and support. U r a great friend.