23 July 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009 - 18 comments

How do you like your new mommy??

We are currently renewing our paperwork for the adoption and in doing so we have to have some forms filled out by our doctors, all of us including Big J. When I called to make the appointment for Big J, I told the receptionist that it was for our adoption paperwork (which we've talked about in the past) and that it was a simple form for the doc to sign. No problem she says but your son will need a complete physical in order for the doctor to fill it out. Okay I'm thinking no problem, he should have one anyway before starting high school sports.

Well a few weeks ago I took him to see his doctor who by the way we've seen several times before. Poor Big J was not looking forward to the physical but was in good spirits anyway. When the doctor came in he looked over the paper work, I explained that it was for the adoption we were completing and that all of us needed to see our doctors in order to update our paperwork. He seemed to understand and began to ask Big J and I a few questions and when the questions began to get into the drugs, alcohol and sex stuff I interupted and excused myself to wait outside, I wanted Big J to feel he could answer honestly without me there even though we do talk about this stuff regularly and I know he isn't experimenting at all. SO out I go...

A few minutes later the doctor comes out with a very confused face and tells me he's never had to fill out paperwork like this before for an adoption nor has he had to see a child for an adoption update. I mentioned that it's pretty normal stuff and it's just a formality for our government and home study agency. We then discussed vaccines and the exam and then went our separate ways.

As Big J and I are walking to the car he starts laughing and tells me what happened in the exam room....

After the normal questions and exam the doc sat down and asked him some questions....

Doc - So are you happy about the adoption?

Big J - Yeah, it's pretty cool but we've been waiting a long time.

Doc - Do you like your new mommy?

Big J - What???

Doc - Are you happy with your new mommy?

Big J - That is my mom.

Doc - I know she is now that you're being adopted by her, so do you like her?

Big J - No that really is my mom, she had me. We are adopting a baby.

Doc - (Stunned look) Ummmm so she is your mom??

Big J - Yeah, we are adopting a baby from China.

Doc - Okay I'm done here, it was good to see you again J....

Oh the laughs we've had...it's never boring while waiting in line to adopt!


That is SO funny. That is just SO funny. You are right, there is NEVER a dull moment.

OMW.. that is toooo FUNNY..
No wonder he asked you that..
Have a great week..

That is too funny. Sorry you're having to go through all the paperwork stuff. But you are almost at the end of the road. I'm hoping that you will be in the next batch of referrals.

That is hilarious! And I don't know if it was really appropriate...he's not a social worker. But I am busting up. I can just see you son trying to get through to him that you are his bio mom :)

That is funny (and slightly disconcerting)!

Keep smilin!

OMG that is hilarious!!! I think the doc must've skipped on his caffeine injection that morning.

Oh I can't believe that! Too funny!

And there the doctor was, scratching his head, trying to figure out how he never before knew that your son was adopted. Umm... that's because he's NOT. Heh.

ROFL! So, how DOES he like his 'new' mommy? Ooooooh boy.... that totally cracks me up!

Something Jennifer is going to laugh about someday too!


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If I got to pick, I'd adopt my sweet Jacob! Maybe the doctor was thinking you were adopting Jake so you would have a built-in gardner! And a cute one at that!!!

xoxoxo! me

That is funny! I'll bet the doctor has been telling everyone about it, too.

I be that doctor felt stupid! Too funny!!

That is HILARIOUS!!!

I guess the doc had a L-O-N-G day, that day. LOL

By the way, Good luck with that paperwork. Fun stuff, but here's hoping that three times IS a charm. :o)

Oh my word... that's crazy! LOL!

That is too funny!! I guess some states and agencies are all different. We never had to redo our physicals, we had just the one intial one. We had to redo government paperwork, but that was it. Your time is almost here!!! Cannot wait to hear you have a referral!!!