20 July 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009 - 10 comments

Adventures at camp...

Yesterday we loaded up Big J and took him to camp. He has been waiting for this day since the day we picked him up from camp last year. He will have 6 days filled with more fun then he can ever imagine on his own and will come home only to begin counting the days until he can go again. I wanted to take a few more pictures but I was told to not bring the camera with me! I did get at least this one in while driving away. We can't wait for the drive home from picking him up, it's an hour drive with non stop talking and a lazy breakfast listening to stories from camp. By the time we get home the poor child can barely keep his eyes open and it's off to bed for at least 3 days!

Once home we have just a few short weeks left before we embark on the next journey...high school. Oh where has the time gone.

By the way, Kim over at Journey to Isabella is doing a book swap...run over there to sign up! Swaps are always fun and book swaps are the best! AND you can even buy books here! :)


what a great idea! I can have my book sent through Barefoot Books.

Kayce, I meant what I said. Your card made my day.


You are right! Where has time gone?

Don't they grow up fast!!! I really enjoyed my boys high school years. Hope your son has a blast at camp!

Camp is sooo fun..
love the couple photos you have.. I need to send over Colton and Nick so he LOVES that camera..
thanks for posting the book swap..
love ya girly..

And here I am stressing about kindergarten. Way to put it in perspective - high school ACK!!!!!

First of all thank you for the compliment on my family...I to think they are beautiful!! Second...dont blink because it goes way tooooo fast!!! and third I hope he has a great time!!! I am doing the book swap too, I just love Kim to pieces!! Kayce I know we have only moved two days this month but IT is coming!!!

Love and blessings, Kristy

I cannot believe how fast the summer is flying by.....High School....Oh MY....you have a big year ahead of you!!

Have a great week!


Summer is flying by soooo fast! Hope Jake has fun at camp!!

Remember our camp send-offs? We were not so happy to have camera clicking moms. I hope J is better behaved than we were. Some of my best memories were in the Big Bear Mountains! Friends for life...Lots of Love, Allison

A perfect way to spend some time in the summer.....why don't they have "Mom summer camps"......lol

Just noticed your LID...looks like someone will be expecting to hear some wonderful news in the near future!!!