17 July 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009 - 12 comments


Over the last week we have been following along on the journey of love for a fellow family from our agency. Reading their journal and viewing their photos have been so exciting for us. We are so happy for Dan and Mardi that they finally have their Lauren in their arms and are now a family of three. They are on their way to Guangzhou for the next part of the path God has led them on. Oh God is good!


I think this is my favorite adoption photo of all time! Little Lauren smiling with mommy and daddy beaming. It just makes me smile and cry at the same time!

Isn't Lauren beautiful?! I'm so happy for the three of them I can hardly stand it! I can't wait to meet Lauren in person....it's only a week away!

Seeing a family being united never, ever gets old. Can't wait until it is your turn!

Have been watching also..
Have a great weekend..

Lauren is so sweet. I am beyond happy for Mardi & Dan!!!

I love watching others storys and travels to their little ones. I am soooooo excited and cant wait to watch one journey to a little Jenny-- hmmmm... who's that family? You are getting so close. Really, you could be in the next couple months-- trips me out and I will celebrate like crazy that day! Big hugs!!
Christy :)

I still tear up whenever I see these hotel room photos. How precious!

This is my very favorite picture they have posted so far!! Here's hoping good news for all of us in the next week!!!

Oh my goodness she is so cute!!!

Oh my gosh....how precious is she!!! Im going over there!!

Love, Kristy

God IS good!! Thanks for posting and following our trip! Its so fantastic to be home with our little angel. I hope to meet you and for you to meet Lauren someday soon! Can't wait until your Jennifer is in your arms!!

love ya!