21 July 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 - 19 comments

Quilted with love

Four years ago on July 21 we were driving home from our niece and nephew's first birthday. It was during that drive that the tug that had been on our hearts was finally pulled hard enough and we made the decision to adopt. Eight months later we were logged in with the People Republic of China to adopt a daughter. Soon after our dossier left our hands we began to accumulate the fabric for our daughters Bai Jia Bei, or 100 Good Wishes Quilt.

The squares and wishes came from friends and family all around the globe, going to the mail box in those first months was so exciting! Slowly I began to put the squares together and assemble the scrapbook of wishes. Slowly the pieces started to fit together like pieces of a puzzle coming together to form the picture you've been wanting to see.

When I finished sewing the 100 (114 actually) squares together I sent the squares with my dad to be handed off to my step-mom who would take the next step in completing her granddaughters Bai Jia Bei. With the love of a grandmother, she worked together with two other very talented women to turn 100 simple squares into a quilt so full of life it's beauty is breathtaking!

The quilt is now back in our hands, it was what kept Big J and I warm on our train ride home, and we can't stop looking at it. Our dreams for the quilt are to have it be not only a treasure for our daughter but something that can be turned into a tent, a picnic blanket, a stargazing blanket, a bit of warmth on a cool fall morning, the security from a bad dream, a perfect picture book or the healer for a fever. Soon, oh so soon it will be used to bond a little girl in China to our family who is patiently waiting.


Kayce.. I am over here crying.. IT IS BEAUTIFUL.. they look like little dragonflies all over.. my favorite..
Do let me know if she would do mine and how much.. I know you said something to me.. but let me know... SOOOO BEAUTIFUL.. just like your family..
Love ya.. great post..

That is utterly gorgeous!

Keep smilin!

I love it! It is truly beautiful, Kayce! My MIL is currently working on one... but it's the Tongginator's, not the child we are currently waiting for. Heh. Never let it be said that I am ever on time. Oops.

It turned out sooo beautiful! Congrats on it turning out so well.

What a beautiful post and the quilt is stunning. Your little girl will love it I'm quite sure Kayce!

BTW I haven't started William's yet...bad mommy. ;)


Kayce, it's sooooo beautiful! Jennifer will feel like she's wrapped in love when she pulls it around her!

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OMG, your quilt is gorgeous! Your grandma did an incredible job with the quilting and you did a great job too putting the squares together! (I know how time consuming that can be.)

I also love how you scrapbooked the good wishes. I still need to do that and this is such an awesome keepsake. Can't wait to see your daughter snuggled up in it!

Oops! I meant your step-mom, not your grandma. My eyes read "love of a grandmother" and it stuck with me. haha. She is amazing!!

It's beautiful. Heartfelt prayers it won't be too long before it is wrapped around your little girl.

It's so beautiful and hopefullt very soon there will be a beautiful little someone bundled up! Ours is on its way here now, I can wait! They are ready just in time!!!

That turned out soooo cute!

Such a beautiful post and a lovely quilt. I really like the bright yellow she used for backing. I saw my square! I remember the exact fabric you sent for my
daughter's quilt and I love it!


What a beautiful post....you brought me to tears. This is one of the most beautiful quilt of 100 wishes I have ever seen. It was made with so much love : )
Have a wonderful day {{{hug}}

Colleen <~~~wiping the tears from her eyes....

The quilt is WONDERFUL - just beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I think it is so special that it was quilted with love by your step-mom. Here's hoping that very soon you'll be cuddled up tight next to Jennifer, warm and cozy, tucked in the quilt as you look through the wish book.

-- kelly :-)

Gorgeous quilt! She did a fabulous job.

OMG Kayce it's GORGEOUS!!!! So jealous... my squares haven't even all been collected yet, I'm like 45 short- this is BEAUTIFUL!!!